A dark layer of reality that exists beneath shadow.

Merlin spent much of the time in Knight of Shadows trapped in Undershadow, which resists trump and many other forms of travel or communication.

There are… things… that live in undershadow. Some seem to be shadowy versions of people, animal, other normal things. Farther down in the deeps, live other things, some of them intelligent, some massive and powerful, some of which yearn to be released in normal shadow.


Silas has a kind of understanding with undershadow, and can open portals to and from it. He wears a cloak which aids in the creation of these barriers. He has also made bargains with various denizens of undershadow. In particular he used some of the more powerful beings to wreck an invading sorcerer king armada.

It is also home to the mother of the children, which most people should never, ever talk to.

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