All You Need Is Love

Elodie talks to someone about making a blood sacrifice. Eric is probably not a good candidate, as he's been dead before. She and Gerhardt trump back to Amber from Erewhon. Elodie notices a glint of light on the Jewel of Judgment. A closer look reveals an internal facet inside it. How peculiar.

Gerhardt begins the process of accessing Vault Zeta. A dwarf breaks open a security device to access the deep water vaults. "Release the kracken! So we can open the vault, of course."

"You don't get to start without me!" Cersei drops in on her vintage parachute. She urgently sends a Trump message (what??) to Isabelle. Eventually the bot connects Isabelle with Cersei, who brings bet through to vault Zeta. Gerhardt contacts Bleys, who joins the group. The vault doors open and the room spreads forth before them. Moving gears adorn the walls, floor to ceiling. An ethereal squid swims across connected aquariumsin the walls and ceiling.

Bleys fixates on a large contraption that seems to be measuring the impact of pattern and logrus on the entire world. Gerhardt and Elodie continue into the lab. The thing inside the jewel appears to be a pattern with many in complete facets.

Lowen assumes wraith form and flies towards Castle Amber in an attempt to impress those of the blood. Castle defenses make quick work of his endeavors, however. Natasha rushes to his defense.

Silas and Jericho mount giant flying manta rays and soar across the land. At the last moment, they dive into a canyon and enter a cave. Inside they come upon a corpulent form, a Jabba the Toad of sorts. He introduces himself as Zax.

The creature explains that there are many options to destroy the sorcerer kings. Is the goal to kill them one at a time? Kill the person or the mantle? Jericho assures him that the goal is total annihilation. It is of even more import, Zax explains, to destroy their source of power.

Elodie and Gerhardt continue their research on the Jewel patterns. Bleys tells Isabelle that it appears someone was trying to weaponize the connection between Amber and Chaos. They go to Lab 1 to tell Gerdardt, but the mechanical gorilla guard informs them that they will be with them shortly.

Suddenly red lights start flashing throughout the facility. The guard insists that Bleys and Isabelle go inside to safety. As they go in, a massive serpentine creature sends the lift crashing down. It slides out in a flash, scaling walls and ceiling to evade all the guards. Gorilla heads fly to the left, bodies to the right. Bleys rushes out and tries to attack, but it easily eludes him.

Gerhardt's calculations indicate a 93.725% chance that this is Dworkin. "Stand down," he commands. The creature darts forward and coils around him, lifting him up in the air. "Do not mess with things you are not ready for," he hisses. Unshaken, Gerhardt seeks clarity on the matters at hand. Dworkin begins to calm down, but still converses in a growl-hiss. Elodie has taken the jewel to the safety of the vault at Castle Amber, much to Dworkin's relief.

From atop the tower at serpent island, Jericho trumps Lowen and beseeches him for his help and then the same with Isabelle. They decide to stage the event in Candy Land. Jericho teaches the happy gummy bears and unicorns to sing "All You Need Is Love". They truly believe the power of love can help. It's cute… sad, but cute.

As the egg doubles and doubles in size, it is evident that it must be taken somewhere… else? They get it to the Void Sea, but then shit goes sideways. A rift is opened to the Abyss, and the egg (aka Shelley) feeds through the rift. The outrageous growth spurt continues, and now the it is larger than the island.

Gerhardt seeks Dworkin's assistance. He says the Void Sea is a good place for it to be. Gerhardt mentions that the egg was in Candy Land, and in response Dworkin takes an "apocalypse box" to that shadow. He says he must ensure there are no contaminants left. Gerhardt trumps Isabelle and warns her that per Dworkin, anyone who encountered the creature must walk the pattern IMMEDIATELY.

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