September 19 2020

Grad students try to get Gerhardt's attention as he's passing by. They bring a projector and show him ideas and plead for approval as he's walking. The research into shadow storms ranges from promising to absurd. He delivers decisions accordingly. He receives a trump call from Bree.

Silas doesn't remember much, but he has what looks like stab marks and a bruised jaw, and also a mild concussion. He has a vial of the bear's blood in a vault on the boat. The medical staff takes a tiny shard of blue material embedded deep in his muscle tissue and puts it in the vault, too. Silas plans to walk the pattern to see if it can repair him and restore memories.

Lowen sent his blue shards to Gerhardt by a bird of his desire.

Jericho is going with Silas, and Isabelle, shaken from the bear incident, is following Jericho around like a puppy. Natasha is also with the group.

Alerts are going crazy in Silas' ship. He goes down to see what's wrong and finds… it's a bear! Jericho goes to investigate and gets a trump from Lowen. He says he thinks he was attacked by Rinaldo. Jericho asks Lowen to come through and help with the bear.

Lowen disconnects the bear from Shardic(?) and it's more pacified and manageable. Jericho comes and asks Isabelle to take a look at it, but she's not comfortable doing that yet. She wants them to have more control of it before she comes in.

Gerhardt gets a trump call from Fiona. She is livid. "Where's my daughter?" (Referring to Brigid.)

As Silas walks the pattern, flashes of memory return. It all returns as he reaches the center. He waits for Jericho before taking any further action.

Silas lands on top of the Keep of the Four Worlds. Armed guards approach and ask what he's doing. Silas explains he just wants to talk to Lady Jazra. The guards escort him down off the roof.

Gerhardt and Elodie are deep in research. Fiona's eyes start glowing. Her lips part and Elodie knows there is music coming out but she doesn't hear it. Everyone else in the library falls over and has a seizure. Gerhardt's reality splits into several fragments.

Jericho trumps from the center of the pattern to a warehouse to find Rinaldo strapped to a chair. Gerard and Benedict invite Jericho over and share that Rinaldo hasn't admitted much after turning himself in.

Jericho trumps Isabelle and asks if she'll come back per Benedict and Gerard's request to confirm Rinaldo's memories and see if he is trying to be evasive or hide things.

Natasha wants to reach Bree, but doesn't have a trump of her. She trumps Isabelle but she doesn't respond. She tries Gerhardt, who does answer. Fortunately Bree is with him.

Rinaldo checks out in Isabelle's investigation, but there's a subtle hint of gaps in his memories. She checks those spots out further. but there's nothing left to recover. Rinaldo seems to attribute the memory loss to an attack by Sharigaru(?) on their home. He lost consciousness during the fight, and that's what he thinks caused it. Peculiar that there's no damage, just tiny pieces almost surgically removed.

Caine shows up to the cave where Silas, Jericho, Isabelle and Natasha are. Silas and Jericho stash equipment to help escape from inside the cave. They find that all their powers and their items' powers are all nullified inside the cave. Isabelle stays outside and creates a trump of the outside of the cave.

Bree and Gerhardt continue their research and find out about Osric's ascention ritual.

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