September 15 2018

New crew member Tilly joins. Also Mike and Dot.

Tilly discovers that Bob constantly thinks of murdering everyone on the ship, except for Psyche. However, something always stops him.

The crew set down on the moon of Kaos and go through a portal to Chaos.

There, Tilly and Psyche want to go visit a Chaos Library. This requires money (imperisal sovereigns). They sell some material to get some.

Rex investigates seedy taverns trying to contact various underworld characters.

Tilly picks up some of the local languages and lingo.

Rex makes a deal to move some cargo past the Goblin Wastes to Dragonport. He tries to recruit Grite but Grite doesn't want to go without getting an okay from Deca.

Psyche, Tilly and Rex reach the edge of the Goblin Wastes, they encounter a bowl full of dismembered goblins who cannot die. Rex tries to shapeshift to a goblin and cross but the goblins are not fooled. He manages to shapeshift into some kind of giant chicken capable of rudimentary flight and with psyche's help manages to cross.

Grite returns to the ship through the portal, and Deca decide to go join them. Using trump they cross the goblin waste El Anil stays behind for trump back purposes.

Dragonport is overrunby riots, now that the dragon has apparently left. Psyche and Rex want to go into the cave and see what is there. Eventually everyone goes. Some small lizard men inquire of our purpose. one, their leader, accepts an audience from Deca and everyone goes into his office. Rex asks if he can see a painting of the dragon, but is told only dragon people are permitted. He departs and returns shapeshifted as one and is allowed to go to a room witha giant painting of the dragon, and huge hoard of treasure. While casing it, Grite grabs him and instead carries him around the place and deposits him outside.

they deliver the box

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