Phoenix Empire

Massive empire across space and shadow, ruled by Finnido.

A very high tech shadow which employs the Pattern as a power source, including for its spaceships.

Their capital city is located inside a sun.

Very regimental and authoritarian though apparently not oppressive to those that follow the rules.

They are ruled by an emperor named "Oberon II", later revealed to be Finndo. "Oberon" is a title for their Emperor.

They had standing orders to kill anyone from Amber, now rescinded after a peace negotiated by Benedict.

The first two encounters with the Phoenix Empire:

  • Jericho encountered them while on a high tech shadow after an assassination attempt was thwarted. He booked passage on a spaceship to investigate further. Eventually he commandeered the spaceship and killed many of the crew as well as some other spaceships. Lowen arrived (via trump i think) and attempted to help keep the security forces occupied and also translated some of the tech manuals. Jericho attempted to reach a starbase of some kind but eventually the ship seemed to be a lost cause and he trumped out.
  • Silas spent over a month infiltrating a isolated research station where cloning research was taking place. He eventually stole a clone detector and then fled, but somehow the shadow prevented shadow walking and trump as a means of egress, so he escaped via Undershadow to a nearby shadow. There he encountered a missile launched at him presumably by this empire which destroyed the better part of a solar system (he escaped again into Undershadow).

This set of shadows is the setting for the Tales of the Phoenix Empire campaign.

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