Ode to the Ale of Poetica Mundi

Leaves above glow green and blue.
And here the flowers, they glow too!
While quite lovely, better still:
Creatures of feather, fur and gill
Walking, talking, like you and me.
Lovely fauna, sweet as can be!

I made trumps of the folks I could.
(They’re so cute, of course I would!)
At first I spoke; it hurt my head
And then I learned ‘twas what I said.
To speak in prose — no easy task
But I got the hang at long last.

Jericho went straight to the fight
To feast on those violent delights.
He did the joust, this event his best,
Versus a brute who beat the rest.
This bovine brute was very tough,
But Jericho’s strength was just enough.

“Well fought, friend! How do you do?
Join me, please, for a drink or two,”
The ox-man offered to both of us,
“The brown root ale is a must!”
He led us to his favorite spot;
We proceeded to drink… quite a lot.

Then an older lady-hare
Took me to the thicket there.
She showed me how she made the ale -
She sang a song and wiggled her tail.
I learned to make my own ale now,
Morphing my sap — oh and how!

Apothecary, brewery, all in one
Oh this is going to be quite fun
Nature’s potions mixed and brewed
Let’s be honest, I’m awesome, dude!
Cheers to all — please raise your cup.
Dilly, dilly! Now let’s drink up!

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