October 6 2018

Head Games

Netherwing is working on a mobile attack fortress. He'd like to find his old empire.


Jericho is studying with the scary little girl. She ensures he knows that he will need to pay a price at some point.

Silas is getting a full blood transfusion? The vampires drain him and he falls unconscious. They refill and revive him. Jericho keeps watch.

Lowen helps someone work on his AI.

Gerhardt is working at his lab when he gets a trump call from Elodie. He invites her over to introduce her to a friend. In the rafters a few crows caw. Gerhardt observes that this is out of the ordinary. They seem to be creatures of the pattern, beckoning him to follow.

Silas is recovered enough that he and Jericho embark on the journey to find . Jericho goes to talk to the Red King about his studies in umbra.

The Red King says the person we need to talk to is Shalain who lives in a cave in Caliban. They travel on the stair, taking shortcuts through some gossamer worlds, and eventually reach a door which he knocks at and we have to wait several hours.

The place is swampy with ruins, nothing active or people are visible. Eventually they get to a cave. A wrinkled, tan skinned creature (female?) looks like a small hornless dwimmerlaik.

She notices something on Silas and says he is being spied on and removes some "black dots" from him. Jericho asks if he is being spied on too and she says yes, and removes them from him as well, but gives him one to follow to find out who it is.

Everyone else departs and she trains Silas in Void.

Isabel is at Serenity Ranch, checking on animals, including these singing bats. She gets a trump call, it is Jericho. She pulls him through and he shows her the black dot. She takes a look at it psychically. She senses no psyche, but some trump… then it explodes.
Jericho asks what it would take to make one.

Elodie talks with Netherwing about her transformation. They talk about keeping shadow stable.

Jericho and Isabelle follow the mini trump scry trail to a citadel in the void sea. Jericho peers in and sees Elodie and Gerhardt talking with Osric. Isabelle sends in a plant tendril to listen in. (Consequence: Plant tendril/something breaks off and Osric will find out that someone was there.)

Elodie/Gerhardt/Osric convo: Osric helped Netherwing get free. In the past Netherwing declined to work with Osric. Osric needs more supplies. He wants to look at the virtual pattern, says it could help avoid having to kill people. "Cannot live shackled to the pattern". Osric is the source of the cloning! He should be able to get the rest without hurting anyone.

Jericho, hearing all this, advises Isabelle to leave. She does. Immediately. Jericho approaches the citadel. Oscric advises Elodie and Gerhardt to leave and they do. Jericho breaks down the door and Osric is waiting there to converse.

He explains to Jericho that they should reach their full potential and not be shackled by the pattern, the Unicorn, and others like her. After a very brief conversation, Jericho cuts off Osric's head.

Isabelle brings Jericho (along with Osric's head) back to her. He takes his prize back to Amber Castle.

Elodie and Gerhardt go back to Erewhon and find Bleys there, fully armed and ready for war.

Bleys > Isabelle > Jericho: don't blow the cover


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