October 5 2019

The Unspeakable Ritual

Natasha wants to find a way to travel through the Void and find Jericho and Isabelle, who she is convinced have not died in the destruction of the Pyramid. She may want to get in touch with Lucien to find secrets about this Dwimmerlaik land where they may be. Also consider Strumvalle or Dworkin.

Elodie wants to learn more about the world and the culture, as her father has expressed a desire for her to help run it. She engages the locals to get more information. With great reverence they ask her to bless their children. She does so, much to their delight.

The little girl in Jericho's mind offers to help. He asks why on earth she'd be interested in helping. She says she's fascinated in the development of the "Children of the Children of the Children". She talks about Celeste in a very familiar way. "I want you to succeed. This looks absolutely fascinating." There are some technical difficulties…. Ultimately they "cross pollinate".

All pattern users everywhere fall to the ground, writhing in pain and screaming. Natasha looks at Dworkin's trump, and it doesn't look like he should be answering a call just now. Instead she uses her cube(?) to reach him. It appears he's laying on the ground encircled in green and purple and black smoke and wisps. Someone behind him is summoning a destructive power down to the primal pattern.The person is calling upon the power of the pattern and the willing sacrifice of… who? to kill Osric.

Dream girl says one of Findo's kids is the one at the center of all of this. He has come here with the soul knife that she helped him get. His plan is to destroy Osric and stop him doing… what? Natasha runs towards the pattern tornado with the intention of getting swept up and dumped in the middle of it. Elodie watches in shock as this happens. As the group assembles, they do in fact find Findo's kid.

- so much happens -

Dworkin emphasizes with no uncertainty that none of them should ever EVER speak of this again to anyone or even each other. "This is catastrophically dangerous." Nobody is supposed to know how to do this… Natasha wants to have her mind wiped so she can't ever divulge it even if she was captured.

Jericho gets pissed at everyone who didn't want to kill the kid and Dworkin for saying not to talk about it. Then he goes to talk to Fiona about it.

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