October 29 2016
40240502-368-k56602.jpgXerxes extends an open invitation to attend a dinner with him. At dinner, he explains that he represents the Emperor of the West. He hopes they can all reach a peaceful agreement.

Julian tumps Silas and asks him to bring his daughter Aria to Amber and look after her. When they hang up, Silas tumps her and invites her through. He asks her a few questions about her background. She is the Princess of the Shroudlings on a mission to hunt the vampires.

Outside, something moves across the treetops, flows to ground, and ripples across the ground. It turns and rushes straight toward Lowen, sucking guards into the ground as it passes. Lowen senses no abyss powers, but Silas suspects it may be related to the island.

Plant-like tendrils burst through the ground and grab Lowen. Thorns grow from the vine and dig into his flesh. As the vines are destroyed by Aria and Jericho, the thorns fall off and the vines themselves crumble into puff of dust. Jericho flies down and pulls him free, then takes him to the balcony where Silas is.


1385202740258.jpg A grand battle ensues! The plants turn out to be fighting vampires. From the far side of the room enters Ulfr, sporting a new look!

Elodie and Aria rescue victims that haven't ingested eggs yet. Sadly, it is already too late for the ones wrapped up and stuck on the wall. They call Lowen for help and he blocks the entrance to the nest while Elodie swoops down and saves them. Aria creates an inferno and bodies are falling out of it.

Jericho agrees to help Silas find Aria. He searches in expanding circles, with no luck. As he gets further out, he sees an inferno in the distance. He heads over, thinking that a likely sign of someone in his party.

Indeed, Aria is there and just as Jericho sees her, he gets a trump from Julian. He takes the call, and the father is so pleased to know his daughter is safe that he actually lets a smile adorn his face for a moment.

Silas found his ship in flame amidst more vampire attacks. It seems he was robbed and something was stolen from the vault. What was it? The hunger. Oh no.

The plant sacrificed its spawn to fight the vampires. The spawn can't survive, though, and it withers and dies. The gardner, however, is having success with taking cuttings. Perhaps a willing Amberite with sufficient willpower could successfully play host…

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