October 27 2018

The Lab Heist

Bleys and Jericho discuss what to do with clone Osric's head. They agree to study it in Erewhon. Jericho brings Isabelle along, as he is (as usual) distrustful of Bleys and Gerhardt.

Silas works with Shileen on this Void powers. He's not exactly sure which way home is.

** missed something with Gerhardt :( **

Gerhardt asks Isabelle if she can put a Trump block in the room. She says yes, of course, with blatant disregard to whether or not she actually she can.

Bleys reanimates the Osric head, with Jericho. The Osric Head gives up a location. Elodie dislikes this and slips away post debrief.

Silas awakens in the void, naked, with no idea where home is. THere are huge behemoth creatures moving in the void. He jumps on to one as it appears to be heading towards home. He avoids various critters on it but manages to capture / influence one and gains some intel. The giant creature appears to be getting ready for a battle with another giant creature.

Elodie tries to leave Erewhon and finds it difficult. As she tries to break, Gerhardt becomes aware of her trying to leave, but she manages to slip away, but the defenses did place a tracker on her.

Elodie goes home and talks to Netherwing. When Elodie mentions Osric and his help in Netherwing's release, Netherwing implies Osric did not have anything to do with it. Netherwing calls Osric a "Toad". Netherwing also has a very low opinion of Bleys, calling him a "sneaky little snit".

Jericho checks out the place Osric gave up, ruins of his former place. He finds some surviving servants that were hiding. They made replicants of Osric for Osric's purposes. Jericho brings the survivors back to his duchy. He tries to trump Silas, and fails. So he calls Isabelle and she comes to his duchy. She tries to reach Silas and also fails. Jericho tells Isabelle to leave but before she does she feels the survivor is hiding something. She tries to contact the mind of the unconscious survivor. She sees that what happened wasn't quite the same as had been related. Jericho confronts the survivor with this. THere is a loud click. Jericho grabs Isabelle and dives behind a couch, just as the survivor explodes.

Jericho disarms the explosive device in the other servant and eventually hires him and his mother.

Silas manages to get free of the creature and make a gate to return.. to the cave. he is exhausted and passes out. When he awakens, his stuff is back.

Jericho trumps silas and brings him up to speed on the plan to destroy the mobile lab, but then this changes to capture the mobile lab.

Silas contacts Gerhardt and asks him if he knows where Storm Hollow is, but he refuses to divulge where it is.

Savik gets larger and Jericho mounts the wolf and they set off in pursuit. Isabelle rides a hipogriff, and Silas follows with his ship, with Natasha on board.

Silas rigs a bomb on a key bridge and blows it when the caravan, lead by Osric, was crossing. Osric trumps away and so does one of the trucks. Osric fires on Jericho with a sniper rifle, and Jericho rushes his location. Natasha uses her sword to open a fault line which staggers Osric, and Jericho chops his right arm off just as Osric trumps out again. We keep the arm.

the remainder of the cargo and people are rounded up and sent to Jericho's Duchy.

The castle they were going to turns out to be Cirso's castle. Cirso is Osric.

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