October 26 2019

We are scheduled to pick up Destiny from Casino World V(tm).

We get to the obriting space dock, but she is not there. Rex procures free bracelets, the normal method of conducting all business on the planet (normally for a free) for the crew, but Deca buys one legitimately.

We take a shuttle down to the surface (only official shuttles are allowed on the surface).

Once there, an announcement of a "space anomaly" is made, recommending everyone stay indoors. Also, all shuttle flights are canceled.

Psyche is in the casinos area. Destiny hacks the local systems so we can talk to her unmonitored. She notices someone trying to take off on a shuttle, the planet's defenses fire at him but he dodges, but then his drive containment fails and he explodes, apparently an effect of the anomaly.

The owner of the resort invited Rex and everyone else to a fancy dinner. At the dinner, a reality wave hits and suddenly everyone is imperial, including us. We seem to have been moved to a different shadow. THis planet is now Fort Ginsick.

Rex contacts Destiny and finds that the Destiny orbiting this planet is now an imperial ship. Deca arranges for a shuttle in 3 hours time.

Apparently we have all (in this shadow) been imperial agents working on imperial jobs similar to our adventures, just as imperial agents.

Destiny reports she has a small creature contained, that has a nano-virus.

Rex now has a bomb implanted in him that will detonate if he goes more than a certain distance from Deca, unless ordered to do so.

Eventually another wave hits and things kind of end up halfway between the two. Half the crew is no longer imperial, but contractors.

Anna freaks out at seeing Dale, who is actually a parasite controlling a human host.

Once we leave the station, we are hailed by Annastasia, who comes on board. She says the incidents track to us, somehow. She says she has done a long investigation into what happened, and also found that she was killed previously by Osric, not Finndo. She mentions that Ellisar found a way to get at Osric, and feels that the reality waves were the result of Ellisar doing what needed to do to get at Osric. She says she needs to go to Amber.

We go to Aquilonia 3 which provides access to Cabra, and is also the ridiculously expensive resort world. We go to the chain of islands called Oberon's Path, the last of which has a portal to Cabra. She thanks us and goes through.

On the way back, guards challenge Psyche demanding a passcode. The first two she gave fail but the third one is good. "welcome, scion" is the greeting, indicating that it recognizes psche as a descendant of Oberon.

We get to a research facility on the resport planet, at the pole. There is an AI now named ORAC. We also find Oberon has an emergency armada hidden under the ocean.

We upgrade the matter printing facilities of Destiny to be able to do things like reproduce a fine steak from other proteins.

We also find out some of Oberon's buddies have unlimited accounts here, including Clarissa and Dara….. another one is Xander, a poker buddy of Oberon's. He is dressed as a military commander from the Dark. Psyche and Anna approach him, and he assures them he is not here to do any Dark business, he is just here to relax.

He mentions there is a poker tournament tonight which has a buy in of ONE MILLION CREDITS.

Pysche mentions that she has met clones of Oberon.

also attending the tournament: Dworkin, Findo, Thelbane, etc…


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