October 10 2020

We are at the Architects' Homeworld, named Architect 3. It is older than the Pattern. Most of our tech doesn't work here.

Two Gorgons live here, who turn people into stone silica matrices. There are many "statues" here, some have been here a long time. The gorgons are snake lower halves and scaly humanoid upper halves. The statues can be contacted psychically.

Silas has figured out how to turn himself into a silica matrix and back (it took some experimenting)….

Tuc figures out a way to turn them into a super-computer. Psyche ponders the moral implications of this and discusses it with Deca.

El-Alil tells Deca that he is being hunted by a Dark Knight, and asks Deca to not try and help him.

After much discussion, it is decided that Psyche will enter El-Alil's dream state to try and analyze the dreams of the dark knight pursuing him. Deca will be in her dream state, with Anna monitoring medically.

In the dream she sees the Dark Knight is wearing an Ascendency communicator. Also he did not reach the Imperial Homeworld, which was determined as the ideal place to face the Dark Knight. El Alil decides he cannot spare Deca, and we must prepare.

Psyche asks how long the dreams go back. El Alil says about a month ago.

We use the place trump to get down to the planet. A tri-wheeled robot approaches. It asks if we are authorized Pysche answers "Yes, by Euryale". (the other one is Stheno.)

We head towards the central hub. A multi-limbed spider challenges Psyche, asking what we are doing. It informs her that the lab is private and dangerous. She asks what it does and is told it was a "Rearrangement Device". It also tells us there is a guard. It mentions there is a container of "Omni-Liquid". It mentions there is also a lamp.

Moving on, Psyche finds an obselisk and is able to adjust it to get our equipment working again. This also activates a bomb somewhere else in the city and the resulting EMP pulse takes out our equipment again.

Many little bots start scrubbing the city clean of radioactive ash. Psyche finds a system that is going to vent stuff from a captive sun to an adjacent reality. After much debate, she pushes the button. The sun goes supernova and it is all vented to that adjacent reality.

We talk to Stheno. At one point we let it slip that she is "authorized". She is quite pleased and leaves. Lights in the city start coming on. City defenses mobilize against her sister.

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