Nyvyan, the Colorless Queen


One of the four heads of the Vampire Courts, Nyvyan's vampires are of the aquatic variety. She is considered the weakest of the four vampire courts.

Vampires from her court stole back The Hunger from The Envoy.

Silas attempted to negotiate with Nyvyan, as part of this Silas and the others killed a large sea serpent on her behalf, capturing a large jewel from its skull for her.

While Nyvyan provided much info the Hunger was not able to be returned as she had given it (back) to the Red King.

Both Silas and Jericho contemplated offers to become a vampire but thus far have not taken her up on the offer.

Jericho tried to threaten Nyvyan during the negotiation truce, but she was not actually there.

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