November 23 2019

Following the poker game, we meet up with Xander, who is dressed as a general from the Dark. He makes a distinction between the Dark and the Ascendency, which are treated as the same from the empire's perspective.

We get an invitation to visit some less hostile Dark/Ascendency worlds.

Rex accepts an invite to a kind of combat gladiator games which apparently can be lethal.

Psyche contacts Dara to investigate some of her Fey origins.

We proceed to the dark planet that Xander gave us coordinates to.

As part of the check in procedure everyone has to give them a blood sample, but they promise not to use it for cloning.'

Planet is AGI Garrison

Rex browses for information on the dark network they have there.

Apparently there are over a thousand different races and 15,000 different cultural polities in the Ascendency.

They offer Translator Bugs to everyone, which is like a small tick that burrows into your ear and translates all languages (much like a Babel Fish).

Rex makes an appointment at a local recruitment office.

There are a few other local systems that might be more interesting than this military outpost.


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