Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

While Elodie is home in Gyre painting, she gets a trump call from Random. He asks to be pulled through. Once with her, he lights up a cigar and them makes a trump call to "Jack" and asks to be pulled through to him. *Poof*

Silas goes to the library to do further research on vampires. He finds a letter from Oberon to Nahmast that references an agreement to protect Amber from vampires. Of interest, he addressed this person as "my dearest". Genealogy records indicate that Oberon and Nahmast buried Rhanda.

majestic12.jpgBack in the Erewhon spa, Isabelle gets a premium massage from Antonio. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw… no, it couldn't be. Bleys just walked by holding whiskey… and no clothes?? Figures.

Jericho heads to the library and finds Silas there. They discuss Rhanda and the vampire issue.

Gerhardt is talking to Finnegan. Valla asked Finnegan to talk to him about writing the treaty. Fiona is involved in something with them? "How did she get past the maze?!" Finnegan asked. His friend warns about things out there that may take notice of them. Gerhardt tries to trump Random.

Natasha is in the castle dealing with matters of state and security issues. How do you protect against vampires?

While she relaxes, a knock comes on the door. She instinctively yells, "NO".

While casting Trumps, Elodie learns that there is trouble brewing with Oberon, Brand, Random, and Osric, and that at least one of those who had been thought dead was still alive. She wonders who else might be good at casting and ends up reaching out to Isabelle for help. The two discuss the situation in the safety of the spa. (Safe other than Bleys strolling by naked from time to time.)

Isabelle confides in Elodie that she has just spoken to the real Brand and she doesn't see how he could be the monster that everyone thinks he is. They investigate further and find that Osric is the mastermind behind some large plot, controlling others to help carry it out.

Gerhardt talks to Vialle. Random left in the morning and said he'd be back later in the day. Vialle receives a trump call, and it is none other than the former king himself. He shows Gerhardt and invitation from Valla and asks Gerhardt about it. Apparently Fiona has been traipsing about on the Grand Stair, which was the catalyst for their request to renegotiate.

Natasha ponders how to investigate the mirror portals. She reaches out to Isabelle for assistance and asks her to look into any psychic properties they may have. Isabelle plans to ask Rhanda about her world and the mirror portals rather than try to dissect them.

Another call comes in for Isabelle. This time it's Silas asking for help investigating the vampires. She brings Silas and Jericho through to her spa for a little tete-a-tete. They want to get in touch with Rhanda, too. After much debate, Jericho and Silas agree to depart the room and let Isabelle try to make contact privately.

Eventually Rhanda peeks out from the inside of the mirror. "Are they gone?" she mouths. (Long conversation…) Vampires are in the Land of Madness.

Isabelle… hedgehog… Heart Queen = Elizabeth. Red King = Vlad Vortigen. Both have/had Amberite captives. Pale King, Colorless Queen, maybe more.

Gerhardt talks to Finnegan… then Benedict, who doesn't know where the Jewel of Judgement is. Benedict would like to talk to Finnegan before letting him come through to Amber.

Elodie seeks for information about Osric's activities after he was presumed dead. In Amber's Secret Library, she finds a draft of a letter from Dworkin to Osric, saying that he won't help Osric with his plan. The letter is addressed to Osric in Erewhon and dated about the time of Flora's birth. She Trumps Bleys and asks him when he first came to Erewhon. He came across it while looking for Corwin, after Eric had exiled Corwin to Earth, long after the time of the letter. The shadow was filled with interesting and talented sparks, so he decided to settle down there for a bit.

Heading to a pub, Gerhardt gets a trump call from Elodie. She asks about making a trip to Erewhon to learn about its history. He seems okay with the idea and writes a letter of introduction for her to show Professor Zach at the university. He and Finnegan continue to the pub, discussing the history of the pattern and other interesting tidbits from their respective backgrounds. Finnegan convinces Elodie to come through and have a pint with them. He seems taken with her and gives her an Icon to contact him in the future. She gives him her Trump.

Aboard the ship Revenge, Silas and Jericho hellride to the Land of Madness. Jericho extends an invitation to Elodie, but she politely declines. Out of nowhere, Jericho hears, "You're hard to find!" He turns to see the girl from his dreams. She offers to lead the way to his destination. He accepts, and she kisses him on the forehead. His eyes go white and he starts spewing non-euclidian gibberish.

Following these bizarre directions, Silas steers the ship through the oncoming mirror. The "gaping maw" consumes the ship and its riders…

Elodie goes to Erewhon, then takes an airship to the university. She discusses history with Professor Zach, learning that Strumvalle was the first spark. He refers her to a relative of Gerhardt's mother, Lord Cirso, who was around during the time period she is researching. She shows Osric's Trump to the professor, who sketches Cirso, a very similar but older looking man with a beard. Elodie sets out toward Cirso's castle.

Gerhardt drags Finnegan out of the pub so they can look for Lucien. Someone mentioned people talking in rhyme and Finnegan went pale.

On the other side of the mirror, Jericho's eyes clear and they all see below a sort of hedgerow mazes. The big question… are we here to talk or to fight?

Silas: 5
Isabelle: 4
Jericho: 4
Elodie: refresh
Gerhardt: 3
Natasha: 6 (refresh)

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