November 18 2017

Last time on Shadow Games…

Jericho and Silas agreed to hatch an egg in exchange for information on destroying the Sorcerer Kings’ power source. Natasha cut open a rift to the Abyss to feed the egg that was growing exponentially. Gerhardt trumped Isabelle and warned her that anyone who came into contact with the egg should walk the Pattern immediately.

And now…

Isabelle, Jericho, and Silas are riding the growing moon-sized egg. Silas peeks into undershadow to see if they can travel that way. Jericho sees Silas’ eyes roll back in his head and hears him begin to speak in tongues. The only intelligible word is “Cthulhu”. Concerned, Jericho reaches over to shake him out of it. As soon as he touches, he sees the same large gelatinous creature saying the same thing as Silas said. Isabelle sees this happen to them both, and sees no way around being the one to save the day. She touches Jericho, and the same thing happens to her. As the three make psychic connection and Lowen starts siphoning energy off of the creature, it starts plummeting downward. Natasha, seeing the events that have unfolded, slams her hilt on the egg and causes a crack to start. The three snap out of the trance as the creature begins to hatch as it continues its free fall deeper and deeper into the Void Sea.

Elodie goes to her home shadow to relax and hang out with friends. Fiona trumps her and asks if she knows where the others are. They seem to have done something very weird, and that’s by their standards. In other matters, Fiona has gotten her hands on an Oberon clone and is testing ways to mitigate her father’s situation.

Gerhardt talks to _ about events that have occurred.

Isabelle plans to escape to the castle ASAP and offers to take the others with her. Jericho and Lowen are set on fighting the creature.

Elodie trumps her father to see if he knows what shenanigans are afoot. He says there have been ripples out in the void sea. She goes through to him and sees that he’s been remodeling the cave, adorning it with more human-sized accoutrements.

Jericho, Silas and Lowen go to the closest known location, Dragon’s Port.

Back at the castle, Isabelle darts toward the Pattern to cleanse herself of any danger. Fiona mans the door and starts to speak to Isabelle, who runs right past yelling, “I’ll tell you about it later! Tell Jericho and Silas and Lowen they still need to walk the Pattern!” She rushes onto the Pattern and begins to walk it with no preparation. Ahead she sees Gerhardt walking it as well.

Sir Reginald says, “Toglet is a seeker of knowledge, an archivist. He gathers and collects and organizes things.” Silas asks how they knew where they would be. “We’ve been watching you for some time, I believe,” he says matter-of-factly. They board manta rays and travel to a dilapidated manor where the archivist lives. They meet Toglet, who bears a striking resemblance to the Master of Protocol. He offers to help them in exchange for protection from Sir Reginald. They oblige, skewering the poor fellow. Toglet sweeps the pieces of Sir Reginald out the door. They talk more and eventually decide to leave. When they exit, they are in a different place altogether. It appears that Toglet moved the archives.

Jericho is hunting six-legged furry raptors… Jealous!!

Elodie reports back to Fiona, who invites her back to her place to “play with the Oberon”. Fiona feels fairly certain she can perform some sort of blood ritual that might not kill her. “What should we do to make sure that others are on board?” Elodie ponders this and suggests that her father would probably be willing to offer up some indicator of good will. As they discuss matters further, Elodie finds that she must confide in Fiona that Netherwing is her father, and she shares in his curse.

As Gerhardt is walking the Pattern, he passes Isabelle and remarks that she is alone. She acknowledges that unfortunate fact. Upon completion, he asks the Pattern to send him to Finnegan. He appears on the grand stairs and no one else is around. Curious. It appears to be a battle site.

Suddenly a wild Natasha appears! She begins walking the Pattern as well. Isabelle taps into her plant form for extra strength, and while it does give her a splitting headache to be of two minds on the headache, she gets through it successfully.

Courtlan Hendrake suggests that Jericho wrestle and stare down the best raptor. He leaps to action, making a skillful display of taming the creature. He locks eyes with the raptor and suddenly feels a strong bond take hold. Proud of his accomplishment, he feels compelled to show off his prize. He trumps Isabelle who is appropriately impressed. She goes to Serendipity Ranch and brings him through there. Jericho tells her about the adventure and she begs him to take her back there later.

Natasha finishes and asks the Pattern to send her to the most appropriate place for the defense of Amber. It takes her to fight Dwimmerlaik at a breach near Ygg.

Silas asks to go to the Amber Secret Service HQ.

Elodie is at the library seeking evidence to prove that Netherwing is ok. She finds things like the proclamation from Oberon declaring him an anathema(?) and legally disparenting him from Elodie. She is very frustrated that her father is so misunderstood.

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