November 17 2012

Jericho asks Random what he wants to do now that he and Vialle are well. Random says he must go back to Amber. "Wait to bring the Queen until we know the effect of leaving," he says.

Silas exits the tower and searches around it clockwise. He finds his skiff… and another skiff…? The crew addresses him as "Sire," and a new captain was on board — Captain Rinaldo.

Gerhardt heads down the staircase and realizes there are actually four towers intersecting at right angles. He continues to search for the rest of the group.

Random finds a doorway leading to a warehouse full of food. He and Jericho have some snacks as Gerhardt arrives. Gerhardt is looking for Strumvalle but imparts some important information to Random: don't mention the thing beneath the castle that is very important to all of us or the thing related to it. Jericho wonders why we are not to trust Strumvalle. Why? Because Dworkin and Fiona said so.

Gerhardt suggests that Isabelle check into Jericho's state of mind. She takes Jericho down to his quarters for some "quality time". On the way, Isabelle looks into his mind and finds a very elaborate mind trick. She studies it, learning how to replicated it. Then she deactivates the "happy button".

Silas is confronted by Rinaldo, who is beginning to suspect something is wrong. Rinaldo asks Silas to tell him who his (Rinaldo's) father is. Clearly, Silas has no idea what's going on. he is considering locking him up for his own protection, but then Silas is able to come up with the answer — his father is Brand. Silas describes what has happened. Rinaldo says, "The Emperor will find that interesting." Note that the term was emperor.

Gerhardt and Random go to Amber, and things seem ok, except that the stars weren't quite right. Minor detail, right? They return to the tower, seeing static discharges along the way. Going back to the gateway to Amber, it is now a gateway to the Courts of Fae.

Going on a hunch, Gerhardt heads to the dark tower. He brings out a device with the glowing fluid. It seems that the fluid is being consumed as it glows fitfully. The gate corresponding Amber's is unrecognizable.

Gerhardt senses he is being watched, so he turns to leave. As he does, a shadow creeps along the floor, chasing him. Gerhardt runs away and barely out runs it. Strumvalle asks him if he was responsible for the "conjunction".

Suddenly, there is a thunderous boom. The heroes regroup back at the main entrance to survey the situation. Jericho opens the door and men with a battering ram stumble inside. The soldiers, including Rinaldo, learn of the alternate realities.

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