November 1 2014

Benedict's Plan was put in motion.

Silas opened a portal to the undershadow allowing the entity to unleash things which wreaked havoc on the Sorcerer King fleet. Things started to get a little out of control but thanks to Gerheart everyone was able to get away to the next battleground…

A fortress in the void sea in which a Sorcerer King was entrenched, guarding an artifact, one of a couple lynchpins, needed to restore Amber to its true position (an element of the plan which may or may not have been hatched by one of the Brands roaming about.

Jericho had commandeered a pattern powered spaceship, and defeated much of the crew, found a space station. Lowen shoed up there at some point. Eventually he left the ship.

Between Natasha and Jericho and Lowen, the fortress was secured, though partly with the aid of some weird creatures that attacked from mirrors.

One remaining lynchpins was found in the tower of Strumvale. The doorkeeper refused us entry, leading to various attempts to sneak in. Just when we had finally managed to get into the entry way, Gearhardt apparently managed to secure the needed lynchpin from Strumvale himself, so we left.

With these lynchpins it was finally possible to restore Amber to its proper place in existance.

At some point Loen somehow seemed altered, he no longer was able to travel through shadow in the manner he had before.

probably missing a lot of stuff…

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