Party in the LiBrArY!

After the long and exhausting formalities, Isabelle heads home for a spa treatment. She arrives to see her favorite uncle, Brand! The two catch up, and Brand (Bree) explains that he has gotten homesick and would like to be more involved. Isabelle is eager to help. It turns out Brand wants to get reintegrated under cover, but before they can talk more, Isabelle's mom shows up for a spa treatment.

The two exit the room to continue discussions, when Bleys appears and asks who Isabelle's friend is. She looks to Brand, who is now… what?? Isabelle sees a trump card in Brand's hand. He rubs his finger across it and the features on it change at the same time as his did. WOW. The back of the card has a cauldron with Celtic artwork around the edges.

Brand introduces himself as her Isabelle's friend Bree. (Clarissa was happy to help and provides a whole legend for Bree: She's a cousin from the Black Kingdoms on Clarissa's side.) They have a brief exchange and Bleys leaves.

Silas goes with Maeve, Nimue, and Nieve into the Hall of Mirrors. They get to a place that Silas wants to be able to return to, so he calls Isabelle to make the trump. It is of the land Tir-na Nog'th, not the island in the sky. Isabelle brings Bree through to practice their artistry again. Bree introduces herself to the group, and Nieve shakes Bree's hand and holds it for a moment. "I think we're going to be good friends." Bree gets a strong feeling that they were more than just friends in the past.

In the library, Gerhardt sees Jericho and offers to help. Jericho explains he's looking for information about some sort of epic level badness that's going down that the Elementals were talking about. Everyone gets introduced to Bree, and Jericho hides his suspicion that Isabelle is hiding something. Gerhardt checks her out with Eidolon and finds nothing strange. Bree seems to recall being in a classroom with Fiona and Bleys. Dworkin was teaching about some cataclysmic event.

Lowen calls Jericho and asks for help bringing the horn of the wild hunt back…

Bree (as Brand) goes up to see Fiona. She's excited to see him. They talk about putting the Brands back together again, perhaps selectively. Someone knocks at Fiona's door, so Bree trumps away.

Lowen, Silas and Jericho go to the Summer Court. Lowen speaks with Queen Aurora to seek the mantle of Master of the Wild Hunt. She grants it for a year. Looks like Lowen is going to lay siege to the Green. This should go well :/

Bree checks in on Nimue(?) and sees she's curled up in bed, sniffling. Bree trumps in as Brand. The two of them go to the dream world where they are married, Dworkin's dream where he wants them to be happy. (Only accessible if both go. Time freezes in Amber.) Brand admits not much memory of their relationship, but a strong desire to remember. Dworkin arrives in the dream, and the two agree this is a good time for Brand to talk to him. Nimue goes off to take a nap.

Silas and Isabelle go to Tir-na Nog'th. Isabelle goes on an expedition to collect more creatures for her menagerie. Silas does reconnaissance for his threat matrix. The Queen says they have no intention of hurting Silas, and in fact they think he could be very useful. The place seems to Disneyfied, so Silas goes to find the dark underbelly. He really doesn't find much. The undershadow is like a desert! Silas looks for carnivorous furpeople to find out how death works here.

Talking to the furpeople isn't working out very well, so he finds Isabelle. She talks to the squirrel that's been pestering Silas and invites him to her ranch. He brings about 30 friends and they all trump there. After an hour they stop talking, and after three they're all scattered into the woods. Silas takes his horse there, and after about a day it starts talking to him, frustrated about saddle bags.

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