I Talk to the Trees

Isabelle learns that she can re-enable the creatures' ability to talk by getting saplings from Tir-na Nog'th and setting up a "repeater". She and Silas discuss it and go together to collect the branches.

Brand is talking to Oberon in his dream where they can talk freely. Oberon warns him not to expose himself in the real world, as outside the dream Oberon would probably kill him to protect Amber. Oberon advises Brand on how to slowly gain the trust of Oberon, how to spot Oberon's tells and what tells Brand has.

Jericho looks for information in the library, but doesn't find much about the Ancients. He trumps Dworkin, who advises him to leave it alone. "It will be the death of you," he says. Dworkin pleads that Jericho must be prudent in the risks he takes for the safety of Amber. Jericho should be able to get more information from "Alice". She does not want her people, the Unmakers, to win.

Peaceful grove, talk to tree people, get chatty teenage saplings (birch, cedar, oak, willow). Isabelle tweaks Silas' mind so he can talk to the trees.

Natasha stays in Tir-na Nog'th and is invited to have tea with Queen Morganthe. Raspberry hangs out in the courtyard.

Gerhardt uses eidolon in the Grove of the Unicorn to call out to his root self, his ancestral origin, the Unicorn. He can't see his hand, but sees a cadre approaching wearing ornate, baroque clothes. "Why hello…" one says. "You shouldn't be here". Gerhardt replies, "This is not where I was trying to go." "No, you're not supposed to be here yet. We're going to have to send you back." Gerhardt uses eidolon again and is struck hard by a migraine with strange sensory experiences like sounds that taste like chocolate. "Now, now, you need to stop that. You're going to get yourself killed." He uses pattern, flips inside out in his head and wakes up back in his body with no memory but flashes in dreams.

Bree.. Maeve…

Jericho… the Green… "War to End All Ages" "The Ending". The Unmakers want to bring about the annihilation of all things. They exist outside the boundary of everything in the Nothing. (Gmork!) "Those things that cannot die must go to the place where even death may die," the Green explains about the Unmakers. The Green knows the Dwimmerlaik as Usurpers and explains that they are what they are because they killed an ancient. The Unmakers have "deceiver" and "sleeper" agents.

Silas and Jericho have a debriefing on the conversation with the Green. Silas is going to talk to Shileen and Jericho will talk to Alice.

Gerhardt and Natasha are at the dinner. Gerhardt notices that the pig used to be a human and that some of the humans used to be dogs. He also observes that the drinks provided to the two of them are laced with something. They make a very courteous exit.

Brand visits Erewhon and talks with Gerhardt.

Jericho talks to Alice for further guidance on the Unmakers.

Brand talks to mother Clarissa and talks about his history. He married Jasra in the tower, who was a bad influence on him. They found a source of power out in Shadow and it corrupted them. Clarissa warns not to go to the keep and see her. Brand doesn't remember his son Luke/Rinaldo.

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