May 27 2023

Bree, Gerhardt, Silas, Jason, Lowen, Natasha

Silas trumps to faerie and starts using pattern to seek Aubrey's mother. His path leads him to Avalon where he meets Benedict. Benedict mentions he had a recent attempt on his life. They discuss the matter of duplicates. Benedict leaves for Amber.

Bree presents paperwork establishing herself as the daughter of Brand. Oberon comes out and says he suspected this all along and wants to formally announce her in a month or so. Oberon's secretary tries to make some arrangements with Bree's staff. They give her a room in the castle next door to Brand's old rooms and says someone will arrange the event for her since she has no staff

Later a knock at her door and it is Aubrey, who has been assigned this task. At first she is reluctant but Bree talks her into it.

Jason investigating Bastiano, goes to an ascendency warehouse door in the Ascendency consulate in Rebma. He uses his master of the stair ability to open the door. There are lots of crates stored there. He does find a red/brown splatter of maybe blood under a crate. He opens a box and it contains about 12 apparantly human skulls in it. He opens a second box… which has nicely folded clothing of 12 different outfits.

There is an attached office to the warehouse. Jason investigates the office. He finds normal office stuff plus some some broken zip ties. Suddenly the lights come on and he hears booted feet. He closes the door to the office. There is a window but it is very bright outside. He sees some flashing green linear lights… laser sights. He pulls out a trump of Silas and asks to be pulled through. He pulls him through just as a shot grazes him.

Silas trumps Natasha and Jason goes through to her. They both (along with Lowen) get Rebman security to check the warehouse. The blood has been replaced with fresher/fake? blood. The skulls are now clearly fake skulls with hinges and the outfits are party costumes. They have excuses for everything Jason reported. Some boxes are missing but he can prove nothing.

Gerhardt goes to see Clarissa. They talk. She mentions she has heard there will be a party to introduce Bree. She asks for Gerhardt to get her an invite. He says he will try.


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