Don't Shoot the Messenger (5/25/2013)

As the group travels from Rebma through Arden, they come across a man laying in a ring of flowers. He rouses himself awake and introduces himself as Faoin, son of a fae and Oberon. He was imprisoned when the Fae realized he was the blood of Amber. Now that tensions mount between the Fae and Amber, they have released him to deliver a message to the king. Faoin's life depends on the delivery of the sealed document.

After inspecting Faoin's mind, Isabelle determines his primary motivations are 1) don't die, and 2) a passionate love of Amber. Isabelle shares this with Jericho, who decides to take him to King Random. Loen conjures tightening handcuffs that contract if the wearer tells a lie. It doesn't seem to be a problem for Faoin.

Upon arriving at Castle Amber, Jericho places Faoin in a cell, assuring him that this treatment is only due to the extenuating circumstances with the Fae realm. Suddenly there is a clanking noise near the king's quarters. Loen and Isabelle run there and force their way in. They are joined by Gerhardt, Jericho and Faoin. Isabelle seeks out and neutralizes the psychic force that is spinning the contents of the room around like a tornado, opening a path for Loen to get to the king. He is badly injured — impaled and suffocating on a rug that envoloped him. Jericho uncuffs Faoin and they help Isabelle pull Loen and Random from the room.

As they unroll the king from the carpet, his rage becomes evident. He wants Titania dead for sending this fetch and threatening his life.

Gerhardt checks on Vialle and finds that she is under heavy guard and ok. They go to Random and she appoints Jericho as the regent for the time being. Faoin swears his loyalty, for which he is given back his sword. However, he is still bound to do two more tasks for Titania. Gerhardt offers to tyr to create a barrier for the monitoring system that Titania has on him. Faoin agrees to be his guinea pig.

Titania contacts Loen, as the Master of the Hunt, to hunt Caine tonight. Jericho tries to trump Caine, but there is no answer. Isabelle tries and is successful. He appears to be in Venice with some ladies. He asks if she's like to join him. She is quite compelled to go, but Jericho insists that she stay. Soon the trump contact is broken.

Jericho trumps Gerhardt and goes through to discuss in person how to handle the situation. As they talk, there is a deep scream throughout the building. They decide they need to get together with Benedict.

Fate Points:
Jericho - 2 Gerhardt - 3
Faoin - 2 Isabelle - 2
Loen - 2
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