Was That Sarcasm?

Lowen and Merlin are hanging out on Earth learning to collapse shadows.

Ulfr, Lowen, Natasha, and Isabelle are together.

Dragon-nest-box-to-send-home-large-wicker-picnic-tableware-for-4-people-rattan-outdoor-wicker.jpgElodie is having a picnic with Netherwing near the abyss. He says Oberon locked away parts of her. When this curse happened to him, he was furious. It seems Dragons Port used to be about four times larger. He impressed upon her mother that he was dangerous, but Oberon made him out to be even worse than that. Netherwing assures Elodie that he has mellowed out a lot, thought. He's got an Oberon clone preserved in amber being used as a table. A servant comes in excitedly to share that the man in the table was glowing again.

Jericho and Silas go look at the Green sprouts. About 18 of the 20 seedlings are doing well. They seem to be pretty hardy, thriving in sunlight or shade, but they do require rich soil and supplementation with… flesh. Goats, chickens and pigs would be helpful to feed the plants. They'll need to conduct some experiments to see how exactly to weaponize the flora. Silas checks undershadow and finds that the plants are growing there, too. Ged the gardner asks if these plants are sentient and, after some hemming and hawing, they say it would be best to take precautions as if they are.

Ulfr prepares for the spirit quest and delegates gathering a party to Isabelle, who reaches out to the gang. Elodie wraps up her business and joins everyone in Cassandra's room, where she is babbling in some unknown language. Ulfr gives everyone a tea that will help them enter the spirit realm. Silas sets up a mechanism to get a wake up call for 6 hours later.

Entering the spirit world, the group sees a massive storm ahead. Upon their arrival — especially Elodie — the place got much much bigger. Ulfr notices that parts of the storm are trying to swirl around each of them.

Elodie pulls up a pattern lens and her fingers begin to dissolve into sparkling trails that make a pattern. Is she becoming a pattern? Should she let it happen? She decides to let it go and the trails rain down on her and make her more substantial. "There's something in the storm. Something from outside that's looking back at us."

Jericho sees the hoards of hell charging out of the storm. Silas seeks shelter in the undershadow. Lowen creates a flaming summoning circle. Isabelle makes trump contact with Cassandra but can't pull her through. However, she can follow the contact to her, so she does. And then…

930.0x524.0.jpg Lowen reversed the spell and blasted it back at the hoard. Elodie takes dragon form and lays waste to more of them. Jericho comes to as his wolf Sivak licks his face.

Deep in the heart of darkness, Silas makes his way to the eye of the storm. Obsidian stones lead the way into the center of a serene, glassy lake. Sitting on an island in the center is a little boy sitting lotus style, just like Silas as he went into the trance. It is The Golden Child, who says, "I am not here." "Who is doing this to Cassandra and how?," Silas asks. "That is not what you want to know. That is not why you asked me to come. I don't think you're worth it." Silas tries to get answers from him, but TGC is quite obstinate. "I care about the restoration of all things," TGC says. "And your kind are a blight. Until you're free from that chains that bind you, I will not help you." On that note, Silas leaves undershadow.

Natasha approaches the storm and as she does, it changes into waves and torrential downpour. She gets separated from everyone, so she pulls out her trumps. The water washes the ink off and the cards wash away. She pulls out her pattern sword and stabs into the water. The waters part and she walks across the calmness to reunite with Ulfr and Lowen.

Isabelle finds herself no longer in a dream but instead in a summoning circle with Cassandra.

The rest of the group approaches the center of the storm and The Serpent emerges. Smug bastard.

lots of cross-talk

Elodie the dragon is tossed about in the raging storm winds. Then the vortex catapults her out.

An epic battle ensues and they exorcise the serpent from Cassandra's mind. A pendant was used to summon Cassandra. Could walking the pattern take away her powers? Random has to walk the pattern, so he offers to lead the way. She decides to wait to do other tests first.

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