May 20 2017

Finnegan, Gerhardt and Elodie are together seeing to Cassandra's safety.

The rest of the group heads back to Amber. Silas reports back to Random on the situation. They also discuss the situation with Eric. It seems he must either get his house on order (settle debts?) or relinquish his claim to the throne.

Jpl3xT0.jpgOn the stairs, Finnegan asks them to stay put while he checks ahead. Geometric lines shapes and lines run across the floor and up onto the wall. A face forms and flashes a pattern of few colors. Finnegan comes back and says, "Ok, guys! I think I found —". He stops suddenly upon seeing the face. Quietly and carefully he directs them, "walk… towards… me.. NOW."

He begins to play his mandolin(?) and sing a lovely tune… They teleport to Finnegan's home world. "It DOES work!" he exclaimed triumphantly.

As the group at the castle discusses the next course of action, a bright line appears on the wall and forms a geometric face. Isabelle, intrigued, begins making a Trump of it. Jericho reaches his hand out and touches it. It wraps around his hand and he seems to go into a trance. He sees time flow backwards until it finds Finnegan. Everything then goes dim and Finnegan shines brightly. The others see none of this and are concerned about what is happening.

Isabelle tries to make psychic contact with the shape without physically touching it. The language barrier is frustrating, as Isabelle does not speak… light? It reaches for her and curiosity get the better of her. The same thing happens to her as it did to Jericho, but she is able to speak with it and learn that Finnegan captured it long ago and kept it for an "eternity". It managed to escape and wants to find him.

Gerhardt talks to Finnegan about the Annunaki. It seems quite some time ago they had a disagreement and he ended up capturing it. He asked Valla about it, and she said that was a very bad idea to do that. When he asked her what to do, she said make sure it never ever gets out. Well, it did.

otH8CLL.jpgLowen and Jericho hellride to find Gerhardt and Elodie. Along the way they they find themselves on a stairway lined with vendors. Strange… They get side tracked at a memory vendor, "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale". Shenanigans ensue.

Back in Amber, Fiona contributes her knowledge of the Annunaki to the report that Silas filed.

Silas concocts a plan to get to the Finndo's medical station and search their records for this Annunaki thing. So, in accordance with his plan, one of his men stabs him. After being transported to the medical bay, he finds himself with guards. He's been flagged because he is an Amberite in an Empire-controlled place. Still, he is able to access the network and finds records that refer to the Annunaki (different spelling) as a sort of mythological space vampire.

The medical staff arrives and administers a syringe of some unlabelled anti-toxin, noting that access to entertainment and information systems has been granted. If he would like access in the future, asking would be preferred. Hacking is a capital offense, they explain, but it will be overlooked this time.

Jericho watches as another customer purchases a memory disk and uses it. The fuzzy thing gloms onto her forehead, sends tendrils under her skin and eventually disappears. The woman swoops her cloak in a grand gesture and exits. Gerhardt and Elodie arrive and they discuss the conundrum about Finnegan.

Elodie trumps Random. He asks for Vialle's whereabouts and Elodie responds that she is safe with Cassandra.

NTplHPX.jpgc9f2d6100d1cee5a0bf6a585a88c6964.jpgGerhardt agrees let Sumenatra help him find Finnegan, who is not answering his icon. They make contact but only see Finnegan surrounded by darkness and lights. He is pushing something towards them. It's Cassandra and Vialle. They need help, so Lowen brings Isabelle and together everyone pitches in and pulls Finnegan to safety.

Finnegan tells about his past with the Annunaki and the Dwimmerlaik that freed it. He contacts someone through his icons to seek counsel about his situation. When the person answers, he addresses her as "Mistress" and pleads for her forgiveness and asks that he could go and speak with her. He calls back to Gerhardt and asks if Isabelle can come through and explain what she learned about the Annunaki to Lady Valla. Isabelle shares her knowledge and is eager to help Finnegan learn to integrate trumps and icons. She receives a smooth round stone to ready Lady Valla if she learns anything more.

Lowen, Aria, Silas and Jericho are back at the market on the stairs. Silas strikes up a conversation with an elephant man. They go to another vendor and enter into discussions about coffee, alcohol, and mixed drinks. Aria offers custom potions to another vendor in exchange for a three headed snake. It was instantly consumed by her goblin.

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