May 16 2020

(note - card system being used)

Psyche proposes upgrading the crew of the Destiny, getting rid of the whiners and those in it for the money. She wants people dedicated to the mission, which she defines as exploring and promoting understanding between different sentients. Deca disagrees with this mission as the core mission… Destiny says that exploration will happen regardless.

Finally we agree to take a survey mission, to an area where they may or may not be some Skurge. We consider disguising the Destiny as a Skurge ship. Dale sends a message to Psyche, talking about problems they have had with the Skurge so she sends them all the info she has on them in reply

They survey is to Ecolid 3 of the Ecolid system that has 5 other planets. There is a warning against landing on Ecolid 4.

We approach Ecolid 4 first, and commence scanning. It is about 80% of the mass of Ecolid 4. There are some old ruins. There are two small moons. It is kind of mars-like, but the air is breathable. The settlement appears to have been made from a crashed ship, from around several months ago. We try to hail but get no reply, but there is a message on repeat warning against landing here.

We send a probe down to investigate… there is a pile of human seeming bones in one area. Day/night cycle is about 20 hours

Deca opens himself to the flow (we are still in orbit above the settlement). He gets an uneasy sense of disquiet.

After parking Destiny on one of the moons, we take a shuttle down to the settlement. Deca, Psyche, Rex, Anna and Bob all go.

We encounter a red eyed bipedal creature with a tail. It has four tentacles on its head. Deca and Psyche can understand it. It says its name is Bakara. Or species. They start conversing. It does not seem to understand what the "ship" is. It claims the humans on the crashed ship were all dead from the crash. Despite the warning signal set up apparently after….

A shaman like one of them approaches and the rest scatter. This is entity Deca sensed with the flow. She tells us that one of their people went crazy after interacting with the "worms", which are apparently the symbiotes of Dale's people.

We offer to get rid of him while cleaning out the ship. We head in,and to engineering. Psyche is able to activate the ship's log. It looks like the ship was in combat prior to crashing.

Psyche finds more info on the statis chambers, etc. there is a living guy on it, but we don't wake him up

The logs indicate the ship was heading to and from Ecolid 3.


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