May 15 2021

Rex awakens from a cleaning cycle.

He learns they stopped the other ship from sending signals.

Psyche's little friends, Tuck, Cyrus, Wyron went insane. They hijacked the ship whenever no one was looking.

We are at the Nexus of all Worlds. A planet fragment, but with air and gravity. We begin assessing the damage…..

A black unicorn is galloping towards us. She turns into a woman with silver eyes. Earrathale apparently is her name. She destroys cameras inadvertently with a glance, so we shut them down. She says we are welcome, just don't be hostile, and talk to someone before interfacing with anything. She says we are distantly her children. She turns back into a unicorn and gallops off into the sky.

We go to the city…. we meet a guide named CIS, the City Interfacing System.

Rex, interfaces with the CIS, which then delivers crates fo Rex's favorite food to the ship.

Psyche also interfaces with it. As does Deca.

Rex asks about a network, CIS mentions The Source would be dangerous for us. He then mentions the Children's Lab.

CIS offers devices to indicate when we are going into a dangerous area of the city
. Rex asks for sunglasses, Psyche a wrist device, same for Anna, and an earpiece for Decca.

Psyche wants a playmatge, companion, and CIS offers to bring one, either created or an alternate version of one of the crew. Eventually she asks for an alternate Decca, but one that isn't so sour and grumpy. She gets Dessa, a female version of Decca, who arrives and is all that, but also wants to get to the next level (which we were told was mostly off-limits).

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