May 14 2022

Previously on FATE of Amber…

  • Isabelle was recruited by the creatures of Narnia to be queen
  • They captured Dalt, who is mad because Oberon persecuted+ his mom
  • Brands issue is coming to a head

The party discusses the merits of erasing Dalt's memory. Oh well. Paths to consider:

  • Isabelle in Narnia
  • Threat in Arden
  • Eric in Chaos
  • Gerhardt's quest

Julian is coming to Amber soon. Rumor is there is a disturbance in Arden and he'll be asking for help. Silas and Isabelle take his ship to check it out. They start very high to look for smoke or anything obvious. They see a small smoke trail and go in to follow it.

Brigid needs to talk to someone about Bastiano, so she heads towards Amber.

Gerhardt is working with Oberon on increasing trade with the Golden Circle and a longer-term modernization of Amber.

Silas talks to a nice farmer who seems to have taken up residence in the forest with his wife (Marina). The ship remains hovering over the land. Silas feels a little ill and recalls that the feeling started when he got off the ship. They seem to know and like Rinaldo. They offer Silas a drink and he accepts. He responds with a gift basket from the ship. The woman explains, "This is where the Spirits led us."

Silas gets permission from them to walk around and inspect the area. He finds that he can't access undershadow at all. They say that they aren't worried about the beasts in the forest; they're worried about the beast Julian. It also comes out that they made an "arrangement" with the spirits. Silas agrees to come back at night so he can talk to the spirits since they don't come out during the day. Silas reaches out to Brigid to help when he comes back.

Jericho heads towards his chambers and calls Julian. That goes great, so then he calls Eric. People who support Merlin are fighting Eric's forces. Jericho is ok with Eric's efforts since he ensured if he wins he'll seek to repair relations with Amber. He just wants to make sure Merlin isn't in control.

Brigid reaches out to Silas off the record.

Gerhardt, Isabelle, Silas, and Rinaldo get a message from Bree. They need to discuss an issue about a rogue Brand! She shares that both Brand and Oberon were exposed to a device called a shadow nexus cyclotron built by Dworkin? Fragmented copies, originals dead. Shards have deep existential linkages. When they die they go all Highlander. Three Brands tried to control the merging process to created "curated" versions. The rogue one has been more effective at gathering them, so it is a force to be reckoned with.

Silas gets boots made to somehow keep him off the ground. Brigid has trouble hearing the music in this place. It's not native to this place. They both feel weird stepping on the ground. Jericho, in demon form, hovers over the ground and feels fine. Bree gets quite grumpy, turns around and goes back up the ladder, and feels much better.

8de942743904d716e6ad91672d295540.jpgStagman appears and in a gravely voice says, "Hello, child of Caine." It explains that it has done "lots of things" to this place. "Julian is a usurper, not a Lord," it continues. It says they won't need to visit again and Julian won't find them. Silas offers to rehome the family and lets them decide what they want to do.

Stagman notes that Brigid has powerful ancestry, one source nearby and one far away. While she ponders the deal, he explains that this place being undetectable is only a byproduct of what was done. This is actually another land that he has brought here. It walks away, turning into burning ash, floating ash, disappeared.

Gerhardt has resolved to find another solution for the train.

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