The Feather of Doom (3/9/2013)

An escort brings Silas, Jericho, Isabelle and Loen on palanquins to the palace in Thuule. They meet an official who wants help with the capture of some dangerous individuals. There is a reward and honor to be won. He describes the wanted persons, and they are Fiona and Bleys.

It appears that Amber was built on the altar of the ancients of the Sorcerer Kings, according to the one the group just met. (Thuule?) They have only recently found Amber again.

I missed a lot of the notes for this battle scene….

As the inky blackness consumes everyone, Isabelle creates a psychic radar for Jericho to use once he gets his pattern sword. (?)

Coda (?) is left in command since his master seems to have been absorbed into Brand. The other Sorcerer Kings are on their way. Loen brought the orb on the boat and is with it below deck. The group continues its voyage to the Pinnacle of Blood.

Having finally arrived, the land now is mostly grey sand. There is an obsidian column with red veins running throughout it. The group goes to the ground and towards the object. A huge thwomp comes from behind, knocking the crew down and testing the group's balance.

Jericho calls Fiona and tells her about Brand]. She asks where he is, but at that moment Jericho drops the contact.

The Black Knight is waiting at the base of the obelisk. Queen Titania asked him to be there, waiting for the group's arrival. He says that it took much longer than he expected. Atop the obelisk is a curious figure. Silas ducks into under shadow and sees a demon on this side where the Golden Child sits on the other. Isabelle draws the scene as Loen and Jericho speak to The Golden Child.

The Golden Child is not pleased to see any of them. No one is allowed in this place, he says. The price to repay this trespass will be heavy. He demands the corpse of Titania and provides Jericho the weapon of her destruction — a feather from his golden wings.

The group boards the yacht with Dworkin and heads to Strumvalle. The King and Queen are there and need to be taken back to Amber.

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