March 8 2014

Fleeing the Sorcerer King pursuit, the group in the Envoy found safe harbor in the (name of place with tunnel through it in the void sea). While there Jericho arranged a meeting with some sorcerers the following day. Silas discovered that he was wanted by Netherwing, who had magical wanted posters offering a huge reward. Using shadow, he shifted this to Loen, though it appeared this set off some kind of alert to Netherwing.

Isabel, looking through a trump of Ygg, saw Oberon spiked to the tree, while Great Serpent circled it periodically. Everyone else present (Natasha, Jericho, Gerhardt and Silas) joined her in investigating. Jericho used shapeshifting to fly up and reach Oberon, and saw he was attached with mystical spikes made of the same stuff Pattern Swords are made of. Oberon, somewhat conscious, said that only the Hammer of Ymara (sp?) could free him. He said Dworkin would know where he was. Contacting Dworkin, Isabel learned that Ymara was located in the caves beneath the tree. Dworkin also mentioned not talking to the Shadow Children.

Looking into the Undershadow, Silas noticed a great vortex, strong enough that he did not venture into it.

Setting forth into the caves, the group initially avoided some Ygg Trolls and and an area inhabited by a dragon, and found Ymara, who was a great smith and craftsman. He indicated that Oberon owed him a debt, and he would not help until that debt was repaid. Among the items he wanted were the "Promise of a Star", "Blood of the Prophet", and 100 pounds of Uru, a rare mystical metal. Apparently the Trolls had some however.

The Trolls were numerous, living in a Troll City beneath Ygg, and the Troll King said they did indeed have some. However, in exchange for it, they wanted the Seeing Stone, a relic of theirs held by the Dragon beneath Ygg. At this point Jericho left for a meeting with some sorcerers.

Jericho, who was now in possession of the soul of Eric as well as his corpse, consulted with sorcerers from (name of place in void sea with a tunnel through it). The sorcerers arranged a seance with Eric. He also learned that to do more would require an audience withthe Lords of Life and Death.

Silas accidentally attracted the attention of the Shadow Children, who pursued him even as he and Natasha and Isabel returned to the Troll City. Silas used Undershadow to lose two of them, but more pursued. Finally he had to use a remedy performed by the Troll King, which involved temporarily removing his shadow, a painful procedure.

Looking into the Undershadow, Silas learned that the Shadow Children (whom the trolls named "Devil Children") were but extensions of some kind of massive Shrimplike Demon in the Undershadow. Seeing the source, he contacted it to strike a bargain, gaining its future aid in exchange for granting it access to new realms. Natasha may or may not have interrupted this arrangement, difficult to say, when she reopened the portal to the undershadow and yanked Silas out as he was communing/being swarmed by shadow children.

Jericho returned to his Duchy, and Gerhardt to his realm, along with Isabel, all to check on things. (please add more details here, sorry this is from memory not notes or recordings).

Silas and Natasha returned to the Envoy which by now was in Rebma. Silas researched Uru and found other potential sources - a demon on the edge of the Abyss, Netherwing, and possibly a vein in the depths of Rebma. Silas reported to King Random and found the Amber treasury had a small amount of Uru, about 5 lbs, but it was under strict orders to not be removed.

Everyone more or less gathered again and decided going though the dragon to retreive the Troll Seeing Stone was probably the best route, and we left off there…

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