March 4 2023

Cave in antro et inducendo Aubri

Bree tries to contact Isabel via trump. She gets contact but she isn't speaking words and has a ball of Flame on her. Bree starts getting three same effect and tries to break contact. She does but is on fire, destroys everything she has on her other than her trumps. She warns everyone to not try and contact Isabel.

Silas contacts Rinaldo, asks about the Blue Crystal Cave. Rinaldo gives him a trump of just outside it and warns about its tracking properties. Rinaldo asks that it not be used as a prison and asks that Oberon knows how helpful he is being.

Lowen visits the faerie court. He is ordered to kill a count, which he does but his souls dissolves or something. He sends a recording of this to Gerhardt. He then is ordered to take a girl from the summer court to the Court of Amber and Introduce her. She turns out to be a goth girl. Without asking her name he tells her to come with him, threatening to hog tie her if she doesn't cooperate. She insults him but grabs a bag and they go to Amber. He tries to find Gerard but he is out. He then finds Flora and leaves her therr despite Flora's protests. As he leaves the girl also does. He tells one of the staff he has done this thing.

Bree finds the girl and finds her name is Aubri. She is dismissive at first but is fascinated with Bree's ability to shapeshift. She says she pissed off the summer queen whom she calls a fascist for requiring dresses and bright colors. She mentions Lowen as the one who brought her, says he is "shifty". They talk a bit further. Aubri asks which of the Amberites are "good". She lists the redheads first, Bleys, Fiona, then Gerhardt… then Rinaldo.

Bree discovers she has a sealed letter and manages to read it without opening it. The letter claims her full name is Genevieve Mae Aubergine de Barimen, and a member of Amber's royal family. The Summer Court absolves all responsibility for her. She is formally welcomed to Amber, given a room at the castle and funds are made available. Silas attempts to do a trump scrying to determine who she is nut only discovers that something seems to be blocking his efforts.

Kallias, a fae noble from the Winter Court claims to have info but wants payment such as a plot of land in Amber or future offspring. Silas says he will get back to him.

Bree later meets with Fiona and Bleys and decides to attempt a resolution by breaking away from gestalt.


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