All I have to do is dreeeeaaam

Gerhardt talks to Finnegan and gives him a trump to stay in touch. Finnegan can't make them so he will get him an Icon of him when they talk next.

Jericho and Isabelle decide to trump back to Amber before investigating any further. Upon arriving, they are struck by the unparalleled beauty of the sunrise. Caught up in the moment, they have an impromptu breakfast picnic. For a brief moment, it seems like something is off. No, never mind. Everything is normal. Right? Following the brief romantic interlude, the two head into the castle.

Natasha and Gerhardt are in Rebma to celebrate the completion of the upgrades that Gerhardt designed. He receives his accolades on stage, eager for this spotlight to be over.

In the center of the kitchen counter are two newly finished dishes: Jericho and Isabelle's favorite meals. Chef Ramsey did not prepare the dishes and assumes his sous chef must have done it, although an order was never placed.

Natasha remembers something weird. They went to sleep somewhere else and woke up at the inn.

Jericho trumps Corwin, who is looking for a better crown for the new king. He won't talk to them now, but Caine wants to see them for a debriefing on Eric's murder. They are taken to different chambers for questioning. Isabelle uses Jericho's trump to spy in on the investigation. It turns out that she is the suspect, not him.

Gerhardt wandered off.

Caine asks Silas to enact Protocol X47 on Isabelle — measures to restrain special abilities. Silas and Natasha head towards the vault to get manacles and other X47 gear. They sneak off and take a back passage to head towards Isabelle's holding chamber. They arrive at the same time as Jericho.

Isabelle finds that she can manipulate this world a little using psyche. She looks out the enlarged window and sees the dream monster crashing towards them. Out of options, the group decides to trump to Erewhon and exit to the real world from there. Natasha, Silas and Isabelle leave.

Jericho trumps Gerhardt, who is with the pale girl. He goes through to them, and shortly thereafter Gerhardt wakes up. Jericho sees a city in the distance and goes toward it.

There is an alert in Rebma… Random was killed, and in the same way that Eric was in the dream.

…. :( …

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