Exit Elodie

Silas wants to learn more about Nimue, so he trumps Gerhardt and shares his suspicion of her and her daughter Nieve, who walked the pattern.

Jericho talks to a few people about Oberon reclaiming the throne. Benedict thought we were heading to war, but a lot of people are happy to go back to the status quo. Eric is having trouble wrapping his head around it. He's actually quite emotional state about it, which is very peculiar. He's happy to have his father back, but what will their relationship be like? Random is absolutely thrilled, as is Flora, though for different reasons.

2cb49ce0c9971a7c411d7d72130e40b0.jpgIsabelle helps gather flowers for the celebration arrangements, including a few flowers that can report back Yggdrasil.

Elodie talks to her father about the upcoming events and her great interest in not being involved. Netherwing offers to pull her through, and she readily accepts. He is packing to go somewhere and advises that she come with him. After all, they were all invited. This does not please her. She doesn't recognize his authority and refuses to go, despite her father's insistence. She decides to resign from her post at the library and as protector of the Jewel. He says Oberon regards her as a threat because of her bloodline, and that this is a dangerous move.

Silas finds Isabelle in the gardens around the castle and asks if she has a trump of Aria. He goes on to explain that something weird — she cuts him off, not wanting to be involved at all. She copies the trump and hands it to him.

Silas takes the trump and reaches out to Aria. "I'm NOT going!" she proclaims. He assures her he's not calling about that. He asks if she knows Nimue or Nieve. She's evasive on the subject, but agrees to pass along invites to them if she happens to run into them. He offers to hide Aria so she doesn't have to go since Julian is trying to get her to go.

Elodie gets a trump call. It seems really suspicious that it's coming from Aria out of the blue. It is in fact her, so Elodie puts her dagger down. The two join forces avoiding the formalities. Aria asks about this place, and Elodie explains this is Jire(?), unattached to anything. Aria is absolutely delighted!

Gerhardt heads to the library to look for the proclamation. Someone will assist and bring it to his quarters. Around 7pm a young page (9 yrs old??) comes to help. He excitedly goes to help, noting it's his first time in the back office of the library.

Silas arrives on the Envoy, fully decked out in celebratory regalia. He hosts a party the night before on the ship.

Isabelle finishes her work, although there was significant scope creep once Flora figured out her abilities. She promptly returns to her quarters and gets a massage from her cat, Mistoffelees.

Proclamation details… Agreement involving Nimue transfers to Nieve, who is a daughter of the crown? Possibly daughter of Oberon, but not stated specifically. Provisional treaty states that she will not walk the pattern for 1000 years. That time has recently passed.

e2f20012e084638c1d43660dbdecfb87.jpgElodie finds a note from her dad. "Remember, if you do start a war, be sure you win." She and Aria adventure around town and have a great time. Aria brings Elodie in and out of mirrors. Seems to be good for spying, but it doesn't connect to any other places so it gets boring after a spell.

The libraries there talk about Netherwing in such a different light. In one of the books, a trump falls out. It is Hiraethel, sister of the light unicorn. When you turn the card just so, it shows a dark unicorn. Elodie senses trouble and leaves the trump alone. She'll come back to it later if a need arises.

Elodie receives another message from her dad. This one states that her mother is very upset and wants him to find her. He suggests that if she took off her necklace it would be much harder to find her. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) She hides the necklace in his room.

Julian approaches Isabelle and asks if she made a picture of his daughter. "Of course," she replies. He commands she find her and he walks away. She tries the trump and it doesn't work. Oh, well. She talks to Silas and passes on the problem to him. He can't reach her either, though.

Some spies told Silas a Brand was taken to Fiona's tower and something is going on. Silas makes sure to keep an eye on that.

Silas talks to Gerard and finds out that his ship is being overcome with undead fish people and kraken tentacles. Few crew still remain. Silas sends Natasha through to help and then he continues to work across the ballroom to find Jericho. They meet and sync on the situation. Jericho and Silas go through. This triggers secondary security measures at the castle.

The kraken surges above water, exposing its beaked head. Natasha throws Jericho at the monster, and he lands on top of it. He begins to slide down toward the eyes.

Silas receives another call from Gerard. Many of his people are injured, and he pulls them through to be treated. Then Julian comes over and demands to know where his daughter is again. Julian decides a fight is better than a party, so he calls Gerard and goes to help.

As Jericho stabs the kraken deep in its eye, it thrashes about wildly and releases the ship as it begins to plunge back into the depths from which it came. Jericho frees his sword and rushes back to the surface.

The attack was clearly targeted at Gerard's ship. It's not clear what or who prompted he attack. Silas helps everyone rush to get cleaned up and back to the festivities.

Elodie and Aria speculate about what Amber will be like after this. Aria can't begin to express her thanks for getting her out of the formalities. According to Aria, Caine and Julian were planning something to do with Elodie, but they wouldn't "pull the trigger until it was perfect".

Gerhardt contacts Clarissa to make sure he's bringing the right date. She has a great idea for him. He asks if it happens to be Nivea, daughter of Nimue. Clarissa is intrigued, but it's not her. The girl is named Doria of house Yssarn. (They to trading and exploration. They're a major house, but not the highest.) Clarissa says there are other options, but she's the least likely to be a spy.

Gerhardt finds Silas and shares the details of the document. Natasha and Jericho are cleaned up and heading into the event. The announcer introduces Queen Nimue and her daughter, Princess Nivea. Oberon goes pale and the room falls silent. Nieve runs across the room and hugs him.

Silas meets with Nimue and they exchange pleasantries. She offers to show him the way back to her realm after the festivities.

Occasionally people enter unannounced and nobody seems to notice them. Not even security. These are epic level people like Celeste and The Golden Child. Sometimes in the corner of your eye they appear in their elemental form. Oberon eventually gets up and goes to talk to them where they gathered. They give off so much light that it's hard to look at. Jericho goes to check on Oberon, who says that everything is fine. Jericho stays nearby. They seem to be discussing how to deal with "The Great Incursion" or "The Annihilation of Ages". Fiona joins the group, talking mostly to Oberon but sometimes to the group.

"After all he did for you, you're just going to let him rot in pieces all over the world? If y'all won't take care of my brother, y'all don't mean anything. You were supposed to be something important and you left him to die. Don't leave him out in the middle of nowhere to die, split up in a million pieces. He did everything he could to help you. And so —"

She looks over at Celeste, who silenced her. "We will consider your petition. Now go before you worsen the chances of this happening." Fiona storms out. Oberon apologizes, noting that his daughter does have a point, but he doesn't know what would happen if she got her way. "We will be on your side in The Great War because we don't have another choice." The group exits subtly.

Natatsha goes and talks to Celeste, who advises her to enjoy herself now. A time will come when all will be asked to serve.

Elodie and Aria receive a message by bird and tries to ignore it, but the bird is insistent. It's a message from Oberon. He makes his expectations clear that if they don't come tonight, they must come within the next 3 days to commune. Elodie reasons that the smart thing to do is just go, but she warns her friend that this could be a lethal move. Perhaps she should not go with her. She begins to write on the back of the message:

Elodie: I renounce my membership in this family.
Oberon: If you wish to renounce your membership in our family, are you also renouncing the power and benefits that come with it?
Elodie: Do I need to renounce pattern in order for you to accept my departure?
Oberon: It would make it easier.
Elodie: I don't need easy.
Oberon: So be it.

About a half hour later, her necklace is jumping in a frenzy in the other room. She goes to get it. "What in the holy hell did you do?!" says Netherwing. One of the three promises Netherwing had to make was that if she ever broke her loyalty, he would have to kill her. She suggests that killing herself would save him, although it's not her first choice. He says they will be on the same side when the time comes to fight for existence. She refuses to accept those terms.

Silas presents his gift of feilty to Oberon, who requests a report of his effectiveness within a week. Jericho notices that when Oberon interacts with Corwin, he's not happy. Corwin doesn't seem to pick up on that. When he talks to Eric, he's very affectionate and hugs him.

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