March 26 2022

Natasha quietly reminds Isabelle and Brigid that they should walk the pattern. It seems to be very important.

Jericho is securing the Sorcerer Kings' lands and has been ordered to set up a training facility for advanced soldiers. Looking for a quality army — a couple of divisions — that can be mustered quickly. Will include Amberites as well as people from shadow. Benedict finds Jericho and asks how everything is going. He wants to introduce Jericho to someone. Sounds like another walkabout. They go to the entrance to the Stairs in the Sorcerer Kings' lands.

Caine tells Silas to keep an eye on Bree. She's been given some work to do and he basically just needs to be her handler. (GM side convo with Silas!)

Bree talks to Jasra (as Brand) with the goal of being to report back to Caine that she is no threat to Amber. Quite the fiery relationship they have… They talk about the issue and Jasra quite frankly says she should be considered a threat to Amber. Bree is a bit taken aback and struggles to figure out how to proceed. Jasra has definitely thought this out. They talk about Dalt and other things.

"The Castle is repairing itself… Is that normal? Is that something I should be concerned about?", the steward of Amber asks Gerhardt, who seems mostly unconcerned. "Pattern and Logrus crashed"… The steward mentions that Merlin was here recently with guests and was doing something with the Jewel of Judgement.

Jericho goes with Benedict on the stairs. Benedict seems to be meandering, but then it becomes clearer that he's loosening up and sort of stretching his muscles. He confides that his biggest concern right now is Bastiano, though assassination has not been called for. Jericho begrudgingly considers non-lethal action. The person they're meeting will be coming up soon. (He's really building this up to be a HUGE deal.)

db0af10fb464e44b1873fb12bcbbe1d8.jpgThey see Cieralyn, who asks Jericho to take out his sword and try to hit her. After 1,000 attempts, they stop and talk. She says she will visit him from time to time and help him become what is needed. (Benedict will not be there when the time comes.) It turns out the girl and her brother are cousins of Cieralyn and says they are no problem. She does a Doctor Strange move and creates a portal back to the Sorcerer Kings' lands. Jericho looks back and sees, instead of Cieralyn, a little red fox.

Brigid suggests that she walks the pattern first and Natasha will guard her. Isabelle is still thinking about it. Immediately upon stepping on the pattern, she thinks it is a terrible mistake. As she gets further in, it gets a bit easier. Fiona peeps in and they invite her in to watch her daughter. She firmly grasps Isabelle's arm and mutters, "This is ok. This is fine." As another veil approaches, Brigid becomes aware that her mom has entered the room. She works to stay focused and avoid distraction.

Brigid, weakened, stumbles towards the finish. She's light headed and having trouble seeing the lines. Suddenly the resistance is gone and she falls into the middle of the pattern. Fiona yells to her to check on her and suggests that she ask the pattern to send her to her side. Brigid disappears… and does not reappear by Fiona. WTF. "At least my daughter has a sense of adventure," Fiona mutters as she walks away.

As Isabelle and Natasha are about to trump Brigid when she suddenly reappears in the middle of the pattern. All Brigid remembers is sort of being pushed to the edge of existence, hovering over all of it, then snapping back. They go to Isabelle's spa to recover from all the excitement. Before they start the wonderful relaxing routine, Brigid calls her dad. She freaks out and Finnegan is a bit confused. They conference in Fiona and it gets weirder. They're both dismissive of her concerns.

Isabelle decides to talk to the face-hugging plant. It is very interested in the seeds. Isabelle explains that she's open to reconnecting with the green, but she needs to learn more about her situation before she makes any changes. Her speech is jumbled, so she tries to say it again. It's not working. She tries to flail an arm, but it is more of just a flop. Natasha comes and saves the day!

Gerhardt receives an alert that something has happened to Isabelle. She's being evac'ed for treatment. There's a parasite that was left inside her much like what she had before. The antitoxin takes effect and the paralytic wears off. Isabelle is in searing pain from the parasite trying to take over her nervous system. Why not immolate then? It purged the green before. Everything catches fire in a flash flame. Gerhardt rushes in….

RIP Serendipity Ranch.

Natasha escaped with the seeds.

Bree is talking to Clarissa about how to deal with the promise she made to Caine.

Silas infiltrates the keep of four worlds through trump with camouflage and immediately drops into undershadow. It just registers in the peripheral, but it is so quick they disregard the concern. After some searching through the adjacent shadows, he trumps Jericho for help and to to warn him that Dalt is definitely a threat to Amber. Silas pulls him through so he can look around himself. They find a storage room full of weapons. It is too quiet… and then BOOM! Silas and Jericho secure themselves between armored vehicles, but Jericho has to drag Silas. They are stuck in total darkness.

A lethal trap lies in the undershadow, but it is unclear if the current trap is real or not. Who wants them to appear dead? Who wants them to be dead? Spinning razor balls of death await. Would Silas have been killed if Jericho hadn't been there? So many questions. They decided to take the trump to Tir Na Nogth.

Jericho needs to call Brigid to ask if she can get even more intel on Bastiano and the threat that he might pose.

Merlin warns Greahardt that the political situation in Chaos is becoming worse. The emperor is sick. Maybe dying. Some people are trying to get him involved. To make a play for the throne. Also Eric is in the thick of it. He has married the duchess of Hendrake.

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