March 25 2023

Let's Attack Bastiano

Lowen proposes attacking Bastiano. He want to raise an army but Encounters various obstacles including needing to check with the Fae Courts and treaties between Amber and the Lord's and Ladies of Gossamer and Shadow.

Brie debates showing up somewhere as Brie.

Silas talks to Caine about Kalais. Caine says he is almost certainly working for the Winter Queen. He offers to look into him, but shortly after rushes back saying something has come up and he can't right now.

Jayendra is an agent of Vala, and the contact of Jason. He tells him about The Unmakers. Jayendra says they already know but don't talk about it to others. He inquires about a portal and is told it is at the Grove of the Unicorn. Jason heads to it. He finds a ruined building there and also a faire/tourney there. He sees the portal. As he approaches a ripple reaches out of it and it seems everything freezes except him. He moves past frozen guards and approaches the building. He walks in. He feels a presence… his vision blurs a moment and then the room is vastly larger than it should be. He sees a white figure at the edge. Hard to make out. The figure moves in a blur… it is in front of him, and is a Unicorn. It tells him she is Celeste and knows who he is. She asks if he knows who is family is. She says he will have to learn… the. touches him with her horn, and suddenly he is back outside and everything is normal.

After he reports seeing the Unicorn, the Librarians alert Silas to this.

Other stuff I missed

Lowen visits the Summer Queen and asks about attacking thr Lords of Gossamer and Shadow. The queen informs him not to without talking to them. Lowen says he would like to be of use (destroying something), so the Summer Queen directs him to a place that has an "incursion of outsiders". Lowen sets off, and Natasha accompanies him. They arrive and find a perfectly ordinary looking place with baseball fields and players and fans. However, no one seems to think they look out of place or even acknowledges they are there. Lowen senses that all the "people" here have the same soul, are the same creature. He decides to unleash the primal chaos upon this place, to destroy this shadow.

Brie talks with Clarissa.


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