March 20 2021

The Skurge are on this bug planet, but no longer controlling the bugs. They then decide to nuke the planet. To stop this, we fire some stuff and take out their killer satellites.

The skurge appear to communicate telepathically. Rex asks if we can jam telepathy, but apparently we cannot, yet. However, we do have an earworm in Pscyhe which is telepathic.

One of the satellites survived, but is tumbling into the asteroid belt. We destroy it.

In another uninhabited star system, we do a lot of tests teleporting stuff with the key. We are able to move an asteroid. We are able to recall it. We are able to send it with a person (Rex) on it. He shoots a rock off the asteroid, and then the recall happens, and the rock is put back (though not repaired).

We then go back to the bug planet and offer to move them out of skurge pace. They agree and we move them. Bayshawn / The Golden Child shows up and asks why we did that. He warns us to not weaponize the key. He then shows Psyche on how to hide it.

Destiny is made a citizen of the Phoenix Empire, the first artificial citizen of it.

Nemesis is contacted by the empire saying she can leave her hanger under Destiny's authority. She contacts Destiny. Eventually it is decided to authorize this, but we need more crew.

We go recruiting. Amongst our recruits:
Cyrus, a Ven. He has a ritual which will let him learn one skill from another person (as long as they are alive).
His girlfriend.
A commuinications/hacker ex-con Rex finds.

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