March 12 2017

Everyone prepares for the reading of the document. Silas speaks with Random, Jericho hides the orb at his duchy. Jericho talks to Dworkin and asks that he attend the meeting. Then he calls Eric to confirm the evening's plans.

Isabelle avoids responsibility by getting another spa treatment. Eventually Bleys comes to drag Isabelle to the meeting. Most of the others go on their own.

Natasha also calls and asks Dworkin to attend.

At the meeting, a few sit on Random's side - Dierdre, Corwin, and Llewella. Others are on Eric's side - Julian, Cain, and Flora. The triumvirate sits on the other side of the room. Dworkin is hunched over a lyre playing a slow melody in a minor key, "The Ballad of the Unicorn".

56f06e37a1ef54563e786f32e0ffa4da.jpgDworkin's document holds that he and his heirs are sworn to protect the Pattern and that they would be ruled by a King. (Amber is not specifically named.)

The throne shall pass in accordance with the following order:

1. Declared and Uncontested Heir
2. Horn of the Unicorn
3. Direct Contest of Arms

Officially: Dworkin > Oberon > Corwin (declined) > Unicorn > Random

Upon completing the reading of the document, a storm rolls in. Anarchy ensues.


It seems Eric is not currently fit to duel. His situation with the Serpent must be resolved before proceeding.

Gerhardt goes back to Amber to see if any progress has been made in finding Cassandra. He inquires with Random on the matter. He assembles a search party to go into the dream lands: Natasha, Aria, Elodie, and himself.

Silas and Jericho investigate the recovered orb from the sorcerer king lands. They ask Gerhardt for help via trump but he informs them as it is sorcery it is a bit outside his area. They try to contact Loen and fail. Thinking of other sorcerers they know they try Merlin who is on Shadow Earth. After a moment he agrees to help (starting by shutting down any self destruct mechanisms). This will take time. Silas stays to help with this while Jericho returns seeking Isabelle…

Isabelle attends the Catalina Wine Mixer in the Summer Court. ALONE. But then Jericho tags along.

The search party ascends to Tir'Na Nog. At the top, they approach the mirror and step through it into the dram lands. A big bulldog-ish creature bounds up to them to serve as their guide.

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