June 24 2023

Bree’s cotillion

Aubrey's mother is named Genevive, a believed-to-be deceased fae noble woman from the time of the 'Demon Great Deciever King Corwin'.
Whomever the father is, their name is not on the birth certificate. (edited)
Silas talks to Merlin about the wherabouts of Corwin. He is unaware of Corwin's location, however it seems that Corwin did speak of Genevive at one point. When he was king of Avalon, Genevive was his queen. He swore that he lost his daughter and wife when the castle fell, however the daughter, Aubrey, seems to have survived. Merlin desires to meet his supposed half-sister and debates over whether to attend the party or not.

Sand is rumored to also be attending this party, Bastiano is rumored to also be on the guest list, Merlin is considering his attendance… this seems to slowly be evolving into a party that spirals from family drama.
This party, suprisingly, is going to have a high turnout. There is no reason for Fairy to attend the affair.
Some dignitaries from Bree's homeland are going to be in attendance (chaos).

Silas encounters Aubrey and tells her the information that he had gathered.
She reveals that the winter court was commissioned to do the hit on Avalon.
Aubrey wishes to meet Corwin to figure out if this is true. She is taking some time to digest the information and continue helping organize food for the party.

"Casual formal attire" for the party
Brigid aids with musical accompaniment for the party. She assists in making a musical setlist for the party and, with the help of Bree, makes a Brand-favorite song the central theme and creates a reprise / ode to the original piece to lead into it.

Party begins and the first who addresses Bree is Ronaldo (whispers about how impressive the party is and how no one might be in on the joke).

Eric enters the party and has NO music coming off of him and those near him have a diminished sound. The Eidolon is having disruptions when looking at him.
He seems to stare at Bree intimidatingly. He proceeds to get in line and say hi to her.
A trump test call triggered a response from Eric, so it presumably is him


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