Spidercats HOOO!!!

Jericho was in Trump contact with Gerhardt when suddenly there was a scream in the castle — a scream so powerful that it broke the trump contact. Isabelle and Jericho ran towards the sound and saw a stark white woman floating in the hall, draining the life of the two guards that flanked her.

Jericho shape-shifted to remove his ears, wisely suspecting her to be a banshee. Isabelle conducted a psychic investigation and found the apparition to be quite powerful. Jericho swung his pattern sword at her throat, but it stopped short when she held up her hand. She proceeded towards Silas, so Isabelle sent her kitties to help stop her. As they latched onto the banshee, Isabelle launched a psychic hold on her, buying Silas a brief reprieve.

Loen and Natasha were on a quest to find a poor soul to take over the horn or the hunt. They found a stable boy named Nark and gave him a cursory overview of what to do and paid him handsomely for the favor. He promptly ran to the local bar and exclaimed, "I want to buy this bar!" A fight broke out, however, and Loen and Natasha felt compelled to go find out what happened.

Inside the building, they found Nark pinned to the wall. The husky men were throwing darts at him. Loen summoned a darkness to the room and bellowed in an other-worldly tone, "Everyone, STOP!" Natasha demanded to know where the horn had gone. Apparently, there was a poker game upstairs. The horn and gold were up there. Natasha forcefully explained that they would be returned to Nark immediately. She instructed Nark to blow the horn at once, and as he did, Natasha and Loen took off running as fast as they could. As they ran, they trumped Gerhardt to escape the oncoming goblin horde.

Back at Castle Amber, Gerhardt followed the psychic residue of the banshee to trace her origin. It seemed that the banshee was unable to pass through magical wards, but walls were no problem. The path ultimately led back to Jericho's duchy.

Silas, having learned of Caine's impending doom, trumped him to pull him to safety. When the contact slowed to a grinding halt, he got Isabelle to help. Silas dove in to grab Caine and she held the contact. After much concerted effort to no avail, Natasha decided to try user her pattern sword to cut the perceived time barrier. It worked! Silas and Caine came tumbling back and Isabelle's prized trump was slashed in two. Isabelle burst into tears, lamenting her loss.

Meanwhile, Jericho trumped to his duchy. He and Gerhardt debated the situation while the rest of the group followed into his quarters. The first thing they noticed was an influx of fae inhabitants. Jericho was incensed, but Isabelle thought they were adorable. She got him to appoint a fawn to attend to her, and she almost forgot about the tragedy that befell her trump.

Jericho and Jeremiah, the Master of Protocol, tried to work out the care and management of the land. Jeremiah had ensured its safety against 16 invasions and killed 7 suitors trying to take Jericho's crown.

The gang embarked on a quest to the faery realm. First, the verified that the crown was undisturbed. Jericho donned it and had the kobold Ichabod fetch him his sceptre and robe as well. Next stop - Queen Mab.

As they headed out, they were greeted by a centaur. Jeremiah dropped his jaw. "What just happened, Jeremiah?" demanded Jericho. The Master of Protocol remained speechless. Jericho repeated the question. "That is The White Knight." The centaur offered to escort them to the Winter Court, and they accepted.

Gerhardt checked on Faoin, Random and Vialle. All were well or at least recovering well. He then set off to go to Strumvalle via the portal in Rebma. Before he could go, he caught wind of a rumor that a new king of Amber had been crowned since Random had fallen ill. The ambassador said it was Jericho, and the queen was Titania. Confused, Gerhardt trumped Benedict, who confirmed the strange story. The most bizarre thing was that, according to Benedict, Gerhardt had been gone from Amber for 6 months. In fact, it had only been 6 hours.

During the journey to see Mab in the Winter Court, Loen inquired with the Master of Protocol about the nature of Oberon's promise with Titania. In exchange for becoming queen, Titania agreed to protect the realm.

At the gate, they were greeted by two troll guards that insisted the queen was not available. After some unpleasant verbal exchanges, Isabelle decided to try psychic persuasion. That was deemed unnecessary, however, as a sleek black spidercat dropped down and snapped off one of their heads. "I apologize for the misunderstanding. Come this way, but please bring only your required comrades." Jericho, Silas, Loen, Natasha, Jeremiah and the The White Knight entered. Isabelle waited outside.

Much against his preference, Gerhardt decided he had to go to the fae realm since he had been unable to reach Isabelle. After he arrived at Erewhon and en route to the nearby gateway to Fairie, he received a Trump contact from Merlin. He had a working prototype of his shadow-indexing device. Gerhardt went to him and they discussed the fact that something is rotten in the state of Amber. Merlin offered to use his device to send Gerhardt to his destination. The offer was accepted, Gerhardt judging this being slightly less risky than the alternative.

Gerhardt appeared on a hill overlooking the Mab's castle. As he surveyed the scene, he noticed Isabelle sitting outside the gate. In the background he could hear Merlin screaming with excitement. "Yes! And they said it couldn't be done!"

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