June 18 2016

Stasha takes Cassandra into protective custody. Jericho studies and questions her harshly. While she does answer everything perfectly, she seems to be hiding something. Maybe just the fact that she's better than he thinks, but only Benedict could be that good. Reaching her holding room, Lowen agrees to stay behind with Cassandra while Jericho and Stasha go to see Benedict. As they proceed, Jericho keeps his eyes glued on her. She rounds a corner and when he rounds it… she is gone without a trace! Jericho and Isabelle track her and find that a glammer hid her exit out the window and the fact that someone else was helping her.

Elodie talks to Fiona and gets a sample of blood from Oberon's clone and Julian.

Ulfr goes for a jog outside the castle and sees Stasha. He catches up to her and asks how Cassandra is doing. She tries very hard to dismiss him and the fact that her friend magically disappeared. She will not give him her back until she is a distance away and she leaves. Ulfr continues his jog and encounters guards looking for Stasha. He points them in her direction. Ulfr and the guards arrive at the place where Stasha as headed. She is gone without a trace, again, and so are the horses. No tracks, no smell, nothing.

Jericho receives word from Benedict that Stasha is a plant and should be captured for questioning. Isabelle and Jericho part ways to follow two trails. Isabelle receives a trump call from Ulfr, who asks about her knowledge of fae. While she doesn't know much herself, she does conference in Queen Aurora of the Summer Court.

The Queen is happy to talk to them and extends and open invitation to visit. After some discourse, she reveals that the interloper is Anastasia, older sister of Benedict, Findo and Osric. "Be careful — she's not safe," warns the Queen. The main thing she wants is to know where her brothers are. Isabelle asks who helped with the infiltration, a more burdensome request. In exchange for the name, she agrees to help reclaim a castle on the edge of the Queen's lands that have been taken over by "ne'er do wells". The accomplice? Lord Illian, the Swan King.

Elodie gets a test result that indicates a 95% likelihood that Cassandra is an Amberite. However, there is a less than 50% chance she is Oberon's child. Elodie decides to report that information back to Cassandra and Vialle. Having heard the news, Cassandra is still eager to walk the pattern. Elodie helps her prepare for the trial.

Lowen goes ahead to walk the pattern and transport to Anastasia so he can then trump the others there. He catches up to Cassandra and Elodie and grows impatient. "Can you hurry up?" he asks.

Gerhardt exhumes the body of Anastasia per Benedict's request. He finds bones and . He gets a trump call from Benedict, who asks for the remains and tells Gerhardt to go to the pattern room to check on a potential breach.

Cassandra and Elodie make it to the center of the pattern. Cassandra seems to be fine. She ponders where to go. She decides to go to her "Amberite parent", and Elodie goes to her in turn. There is pitch darkness and a blinding pain on the back of her head. She is grabbed by the arms and dragged away.

Lowen maintains trump contact with Isabelle as he reaches the center of the pattern and goes to Anastasia. There is pitch darkness and a blinding pain on the back of his head. He is grabbed by the arms and dragged away.

Elodie wakes up with her father. "Something tried do break our connection and I had to pull you back," he says, concerned.

Lowen wakes up with restraints around his neck and waist and something jabbed in his arm. "Why are you here?" someone asks. "Anastahsia, is it?" Lowen replies. "Close enough," she says.

Back in the bar, Isabelle starts to make a small connection with Lowen. She keeps working at it. Jericho talks to Benedict about the situation at hand.

Anastasia and Lowen review the state of union. She confesses that she is Cassandra's mother and wanted to check in on her. Satisfied that his friend isn't in danger, he lets Isabelle pull him through the trump contact.

Elodie gets a trump call from Cassandra, who apologizes profusely for her mother hitting her friend on the head. She invites Elodie to come back to Anastasia's place. It seems that dying on the pattern ties a piece of the deceased to the pattern. How she came back to life from that point is a mystery.

They are in FRSA, Forward Research Station Alpha, on the edge of the Phoenix Empire. There is a very large mechanical shipyard that is putting together a ship right now. Cassandra explains that Anastasia thinks someone killed her, and she wants revenge.

It seems Anastasia is a mechanical construct that contains her… soul? Did Anastasia dive into Cassandra's body? What happened? Elodie trumps back to the castle and a guard tells her that Benedict wants to talk to her.

Fiona asks Lowen to assist her in making a weaponized clone virus.

Jericho and Isabelle walk back to the castle and encounter Elodie. Jericho inquired about Cassandra and Elodie recounted to tale. Another entity took control of Cassandra in her sleep, but its identity remains unknown at this time. It said it would give her back when it was done with her.

Multiple conversations… no clue

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