We're Getting the Brand Back Together!

Current Threats to Amber

  • Sorcerer King Zealots
  • Phoenix World
  • Osric (the guy with the nanobots)
  • Copies of people
  • Cthuloid invasions

Gossamer Worlds: Character Options

  • Eidolon
  • Umbra
  • Wrighting
  • Invocation

Jericho talks to the Red King, who is interested in understanding the properties of Amberite blood. The discuss building armies together and experimenting on a a jailed Amberite. Could they make a Vamperite? Also, it seems Caine has captured 8-10 of the king's kind, 3 of which are critically important, but he wants all of them back.

Elodie speaks with , who gives a statement of grievances as they work towards an Agreement of Non-Agression. Most notable of the grievances is that the Pattern was built on the Sorcerer Kings' place of power or some very important stone.

Everyone agrees to go on reconnaissance. Gerhardt and Elodie will use Advanced Pattern. Isabelle will maintain Trump contact with Von and allow him to see through her eyes.

Door #1: Hasake. Not one we're looking for. Moving into the ruins beneath it to find the next place. In the undershadow, Lowen opens a random pathway that seems to go to a garden, but there is some sort of trap or "cheese grater" on the other end. Other pathways have guards and probably traps.

Elodie tests making Icon contact from undershadow. She is able to reach Finnegan, but it's not easy and she had to move towards the exit from undershadow to make it work. It's great information, but it doesn't prove that the anchor will hold through a conduit or deeper into undershadow.

Other methods of reconnaissance could be flying (Elodie and Jericho) since there are indigenous reptilian condor/vultures. Possibly a dragon in the distance.

Lowen activates the conduit to Kalig, who led part of the two-pronged attack on Amber. Isabelle sends a tendril down to the door. Two plants adorn the doorway, so she propagates her tendril and gets cozy with the… "weird" plant.

The group heads through the next conduit to visit Brand (Llylandre). He has a somewhat off-putting staff of children with replaced souls. He apologizes for that; it was just and inheritance from the position. They talk about family and matters of state. Brand expresses his dismay that his current host body can't access the trump artistry abilities.

Isabelle brings everyone, including Brand, through the icon contact with Von. Lowen brings through a few things, like the soul splicing device.

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