June 15 2019

As we approach the impossible pyramid, Isabelle gets a trump call from Bastiano. Bastiano and 30 other people backing him up making him much more powerful psychically. This implies among other things he has an Icon of Isabelle, and probably everyone else who was on the procession through the LoGaS lands, essentially everyone but Elodie.

He inquires on what she is doing, and asks how he can help. He and his people are also projecting an aura of extreme happiness. Isabelle stalls for time and he says he will call back in 5 minutes.

Bastiano then calls Silas, again with the same 30 people. He talks of establishing diplomatic relations and talks about sending a legate over… and Silas, realizing that he was stalling sends a hand signal to Jericho to tell him to knock him out, which Jericho does.

Isabelle gets several more calls which she ignores. We approach the pyramid and there is a door, which is locked. A group of soldiers from the Ascendency are coming around the side of the pyramid, but as they do they are ambushed from behind by soldiers with a Raven motif, perhaps working for Drake? Natasha opens the door with her sword, we go in and then she closes it. Gerhardt tries to wipe the trace of our passage from the door.

Silas produces a chemical light… as we study the pyramid, it shifts and changes. Jericho walks 5 feet away and is suddently 500 feet away. And everyone is split up.

Silas attempts to use Pattern on the pyramid as he walks, and causes a bunch of changes, dangerous ones all at once as everyone has to scramble to avoid injury. Gerhardt is using Eidelon at the time, and is able to see it happening, but is trapped in a section of habitrail corridor that does not connect. He trumps Isabelle and tries to have her pull him through, but they instead exchange positions.

Silas contacts Elodie and she attempts to pull him through and they swap positions, so Silas is where Jericho is. Jericho attempts to run in a random direction and Silas follows.

Elodie sees some kind of "gap" in the corridor. She heads to it. Natasha who had just gotten to her, follows. They enter a hidden corridor which was dark but it lights up.

Jericho and Silas find another hidden chamber, this one has a compressed star within it, a real star shrunk to 20' diameter. There are wheels and knobs and writing. Trumping Gerhardt, he says he knows the writing and to stay on hold and not do anything.

Elodie discovers some kind of trump portal in the pyramid….

Gerhardt figures out that we need to do a series of resets. He guides Elodie then Jericho (via trump) into doing each reset, which vents the system and stops the build up of power.

Silas sees a wounded red eyed eight legged bear like creature in the hallway. He attempts to see if it is intelligent, but it turns to smoke and enters his eyes, possessing him and starting to turn him into it, basically. Silas manages to knock himself out with a drug. Jericho trumps Isabelle who comes in to examine. She psychically senses both the bear and Silas. She sees that it is consuming Silas, but also it is a creature of the Dwimmerlaik and is tethered to one, though not actively. She decides to not remove it so they can track it back to the Dwimmerlaik, but quickly before it finishes consuming Silas. They follow it to a dead Dwimmerlaik. Isabelle manages to remove it from Silas, then traps it in a pokemon-style bubble for later addition to her menagerie.

Gerhardt keeps figuring out control mechanisms and trump transport beams and other functions. He manages to locate a small pack of Dwimmerlaik in another control room. He uses the communication system to contact Jericho/Isabelle/Silas and guides them back to another control room so he can transport them.


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