June 10 2023

Virtual Online Session -


Previously on Tales of the Phoenix Empire, an alliance of scourge and dark attacked the Phoenix Empire, there was an assassination attempt on the emperor, and some kind of Bio-Electric Organisms "BEO"? creatures invaded….

Rex ponders an experiment to see if these bio-electric organisms effect him, but decides to hold off.

We travel to the demi-urge gate and the gate is completely glitchy, apparently infested with these disruptive bio-electrical creatures.

The creatures send a kind of beam/attack towards destiny which jumps to an adjacent reality where the gate is dead to avoid it. The attack instead hits the demi-urge.

We come back and the demi-urge is very compromised. We undertake a covert mission into the demi-urge to shut it down completely to purge it of these creatures. 3 of the covert team are lost and animated by the creatures. We take them out with grenades and chemical explosives.

We then approach the gate.


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