June 10 2017

Tales of the Phoenix Empire

…and some places far beyond it…

Last week, on the rim a [[Portal]] had been activated between the doomed Insectoid Planet and another planet inhabited by a Centaur-like folk, Procul Centauri. Because the Insectoid Planet was doomed, the insects organized an invasion force colonization squad including a [[young hive queen]] and her personal guards.

RX-1 shapeshifted to match the guards (albeit smaller) and learned some of their language which involved color changes.

A storm with a lot of lightning started forming over the portal on the centaur planet. During the stronger blasts of lightning, glimpses of other worlds could be seen. Suddenly there was one terrific blast of lightning that knocked everyone out… when we came too, we were in another place (the Void Sea).

The ship The Gauntlet was damaged in a mysterious explosion, on it were [[Melody]] (a steampunk girl with metal wings) and [[Gilbert]], a snappily dressed gorilla as well as mutinous crew of about 20. They investigated the explosion and found an island in the void sea split in two, one one half of which were some people: RX-1, [[Deca]], Psyche, [[..]], as well as the young queen and two of her guards.

After encountering and talking to each other, Gilbert informed the rest that the ship would only take them to the nearest port unless they were paid in "Dust", a magican powder in various colors that is apparently the basis of the civilization in this part of the void sea. RX-1 shows gilbert a sketch of the portal control device, which Melody knows is in another port a bit farther away.

Psyche uses pattern to find some more dust which is apparently acceptable payment, and we head to the portal. Meanwhile Destiny is able to get a message through with proper coordinates for the portal to get us to where she will be. We also find out we have been gone a year. Destiny mentions she had to put the crew to sleep and Bob tried to kill everyone but is sedated now. Destiny also mentioned that the portal between the two worlds appeared to be permanent, which spelled possible doom for the centaur world when the sun on the insect world went nova…

Pysche notes that one of Melody's bots is only using about 10% of its capacity, she tries to upgrade it.

Finding this other port, there is a ziggurat with an artificial sun atop it. The portal is in the middle of the pyramid, which is guarded. This place uses the artificial sun to grow lots of stuff.

Following the guard patrols, the young queen is able to mentally knock two guards out. RX-1 copies one, and Psyche the other with her hologram generator. After we get at trump contact established they walk into the pyramid and find a center room with more guards and some scientists. They inform the guards that they need to get the scientists to safety, the guads do and bail, leaving RX and Pysche alone in the center room. Via trump everyone is pulled into the room. Melody has some of her bots make a fake wall over the door the guards left by.

Psyche is able to activate the portal which turns off the artificial sun, then Deca sets it to the coordinates destiny specified. As soon as this is done we are able to access Destiny's network. We are apparently six months late but destiny has been avoiding imperidals this entire time. Everyone goes through the portal and destiny at high speed picks everyone up and hightails it out of the system. Melody and Gilbert use a trump we made of the Gauntlet to return to that ship.

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