Patternfall Anniversary EVent

Chacters present: Jason, Gerhardt, Isabelle, Silas, Lowen and Natasha. Jericho present off camera (i.e., player was not here but his character was doing other things).

Silas goes to visit Shireen. Her place is trashed, she is missing. He checks a cache that they had discussed, to leave her a message. he finds there a chkalla - a bone left by Shireen, very unusual she would leave it.

Bastiano meets with Jason and gives him an artifact: A Black Egg-shaped artifact with a mysterious rune on it. He explains it will allow those who it affects to witness actions by the unmakers who can act so fast between microseconds that no one would otherwise be aware of what they do. It can also cause a "virtual mode" where we can act and do things but it is simulated so we can see what would happen, then allow reality to be reset to before that. Lastly, it can also allow us to act for real.

Jason informs everyone of the artifact and invites everyone to touch it while he activates it so we can witness what happens. Gerhardt investigates the rune but it is ambiguous. Jason activates the egg. Everyone present touches it while he does.

It is the event of the anniversary of Patternfall, held in the Tower of Thelbane which floats over the Abyss. Everyone arrives via a bridge from a fortress along the rim of the Abyss, and are required to touch an altar while promising to not start any violence or harm while here, upon threat of a terrible curse. Everyone seems to respect the curse.

Amberites attending: Diedre, Bleys, Fiona, Julian and of coure Eric. Also Osric, who arrived with the high prince of Malign. (Caine is listed but not apparent).

Everything freezes though we are aware of the passage of time because of the egg artifact. The unmakers, appearing as children start taking things and people apart, including Eric's hand and his pattern sword.

Jason activates the device in "virtual mode", meaning we can see what would happen but then it can be reset (but we can remember what we saw). Silas moves towards the little girl, annoying another unmaker who addressed him, and he takes Silas apart.

Through successive resets (some activated by someone else), we find that Bastiano and Osric. Osric is talking to unmakers, apparently learning things from them. The Unmakers appear to be unable to unmake people who have been touched by the Flame: Isabelle, Natasha and Fiona.

Silas talks to Osric and finds he is doing this to learn stuff from them, to "ascend" to a higher form (become an unmaker?). Osric says he bears no ill will to anyone in Amber other than Oberon.

Eventualy we let things run through, and Alice aka the Little Girl tells one of the unmakers to put everything back the way it was, and he does before they go.

The ceremony continues, and Eric appears to have maneuvered well to set himself up for the throne of the Courts of Chaos. There is an incident afterwards where Diedre confronts Dara and pulls a knife, but at the last second thinks better of it (it would have set off the curse). She says she knows Dara knows where Corwin but cannot prove it. Silas talks to her and offers to help. He then talks to Eric who says he will try to uncoverf things once he is in charge of Chaos.

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Peace Conference and Pattern Fall Event
Silas aims to facilitate peace between the Lord's Malign and the fairies, noting their historical animosity. The High Prince Malign's attendance at the upcoming Pattern Fall event, which commemorates a historical battle and treaties, was confirmed. Extensive security protocols are in place due to the event's significance and past incidents.

Jason shared a device from Bastiano that could detect Unmaker entities, posing a threat to the event. Discussions involved Eric's political marriage plans for alliances, Oberon's absence, and potential implications for Eric's ambitions.

Security Measures and Altar's Curse
Security measures at Delbane Tower include swearing oaths against violence. The altar, an ancient technology with a curse, requires bare skin contact for activation, with severe consequences for circumvention.

Silas speculated on Baba Yaga controlling the High Prince through an oath. The group discussed observing without engaging a constructed person at the event and explored fairy contracts' nullification abilities.

Device Activation and Virtual Mode
The group discussed a device from Bosna with three modes: observation, interaction without consequences, and genuine interaction with real outcomes. Virtual mode allows exploring different approaches before time dilation ends. Participants engaged with children in virtual mode, leading to transformations and disintegration.

Interactions and Court Updates
Interactions at the event included Julian, Fiona, Deirs, and Cain, with speculation about their connections. Representatives from the Phoenix Empire were unexpectedly present. Participants shared insights into their characters' social interactions, including Silas conversing with Osrik and Lowen's inclination to befriend Merlin.

Unusual Occurrence and Freezing
A sudden interruption froze all attendees, revealing unsettling activities involving children-like figures dissecting individuals without lasting damage.

Virtual Mode and Device Interactions
Osric's interactions with children in virtual mode raised questions about engagement implications. Isabel's internal flame sparked discussions about its impact. Lowen underwent a transformation involving an exchange of power sources, leading to inquiries about potential repercussions.

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