July 6 2019

Ellisar, the 6th child of the Unicorn, hires the crew to take him…and a guard ..named Dral …. to Arden.

When we get to the planet, named Ven-Har, we scan and don't detect any tech… but suddenly some kind of weapon locks onto the ship. Destiny transmits some kind of codes and the weapon stands down. She apparently sent Oberon codes via trump.

The weapon has a shuttle bay on the side. Inside we find a transparent bubble elevator. Everyone goes inside. Eventually Psyche is able to get it to go down and not "drop" everyone else.

We gain intel on the planet and find the Ven have a caste society, with the ruling castes belonging to various clans and the workers completely subservient. Rex studies them to try and be able to copy them convincingly.

Destiny figures out we can trigger a "small" seismic event which will enable her to gather much more data. After repeated assurances that it will be small, we finally agree and trigger it.

Psyche is disguised as a "Fox" lady (fox clan). Rex is masquerading as a friend from the "Falcon" clan. With Destiny providing a language assist, we proceed to a gate… and certain symbols light up, on a gate as we pass by. and another gate across the way.. Destiny translates, it is poetry. "The path is open, the path is wide, watch out for those who do not have the blood, walk with purpose, do not lose your stride. There is a way for you to find home".

As we move through the gate, two of the Wolf Clan follow. We make it through gate but they follow. Rex and Bob dispatch them (side note - rolled 7 dice with 2 opposition, got 7 + marks and they got a blank and a minus) ruthlessly and noisily. We transfer Ellisar and Drol via tump. Anna is losing the connection and comes through. We hear a hunting horn and Bob tells Psyche that 20 rangers are approaching with hounds. He offers her a deal to hide us in exchange for her staying in her cabin some night in the future while he goes out and does stuff. She reluctantly agrees and he blurs us and moves us elsewhere, avoiding the rangers. Ellisar pays us and we part ways.

We return through the gate and Anna tries to re-stablish trump contact with El-Alil but it takes a moment and we are attacked. In defending ourselves, Deca uses "Flow Lightning", something which attracts the attention of the dark temple of mystic dark knights.

While we are preparing to leave, a Ven appears on the deck of the ship. His name is Syrus. He used a ritual to get there, involving blood and a flower. He asks to know who we are and how we do what we do. After discussion, we decide to help him.. Anna creates a trump of him. and Psyche seems interested in a blood ritual to link them. She goes through with it and he stabs both their hands through a rose and they have a connection.


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