July 30 2016

Fiona asks Lowen to step into some weird chamber. She wants him to empower it with his abyss powers.

Ulfr goes to see what Eric is up to.

Elodie talks to Benedict about Cassandra. They go on to discuss the state of the union and distribution of power. This is really the first time he's talked to them about strategy and politics with them.

Jericho and Isabelle head to the kitchen for some food. They see Random packing up some food. He looks quite beat up and scrawny, but smiles and gives a friendly nod in greeting. "By the way, tell Elodie that the Unicorn heard about her idea and doesn't like it."

Silas talks to the gardner and learns that he has been having some strange dreams. He had to fire some of the staff because they started acting strangely. Silas thinks the gardner may look a little younger than before..

He asks Elodie to make a Trump of the garden island. As she does, the flora keeps changing. She tries to keep up but eventually has to reframe her work around the top of the tower. The plants haven't invaded that yet.

Lowen begins to power Fiona's orb of clone destruction.

The pack is full of nervous energy when Ulfr checks in on them. He finds Lucy, the "fixer." They talk a bit. As they wrap up the conversation, she adds, "The master told us to get a hold of somebody, and we did, but now we don't know what to do with him." The pack is looking for Vialle in addition to Martin.

Elodie talks to Merlin about the emergent consciousness of the pattern and logrus. Merlin offers to get his tutor Suhuy to talk to them about the subject.

Gerard is also in the dining room, playing some game with sticks and dice. Lowen comes by and talks with Jericho about the situation with Fiona and Benedict. Isabelle plays with Sivak while his owner talks business.

In the under-shadow, Silas sees a massive, dark, tendrilly entity. While it looks at him, it doesn't respond.


On the battlefield, Lowen brings the darkness. Isabelle blasts the light of the sun to blind the opponents, Amber Special Forces. Natasha rushes in to grab the bodies of the fallen weir. Jericho grabs the fallen leader of the opposition.

Elodie continues to work with Netherwing about her change.

Silas receives the order to back up the Special Forces. He can't directly disobey the order, but he does command that they use non-lethal tactics.

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