July 29 2023

By Lightning Blood and Lyre

While Natasha showing pattern to Jason, Isabelle and Jericho show up engulfed in fire. They take them as well as Silas and Lowen with them when they leave.

They go to a place that looks like the Primal Pattern but appears stuck in time. There the fire leaves them and becomes a new version of the fiery angel like entity. It seems to know what had happened with it before but say that is not its own memories.

It showed everyone what the creation of the Pattern was like. Once done, Lowen, Jericho, and Isabelle went to make sure the Dark Pattern was unchanged and it was fine (except the guards were missing).

Jason and Silas go to Tir Na Norg since it was a perfectly clear night. Called the others who came with them when they got there. While heading in ran into young ghost Oberon, Dworkin, and Celeste in some sort of intrigue.

Found the real Oberon walking the Pattern with the Jewel of Judgement and disappears in a swirl of magic. After this Aubrey shows up apparently intending to walk the Tir Pattern clandestinely but is convinced to put this off and trust Oberon will let her try it later (and if this doesn’t happen could still try to get access to Rebma Pattern.

Headed back to Amber Castle. On the way saw ghost Benedict giving a young ghost Corwin a sword fighting lesson while chastising him for being distracted (was trying to ditch exercise on way to hot date).


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