Lukewarm Leads

Rinaldo is currently safe, as in not actively being murdered. (He does technical sales and development. Merlin worked at the same company part-time while working on his PhD.)

Silas hires hackers Dieter and Oleg to get in Rinaldo's laptop. The security on the laptop is quite unusual. Fitting, as it belongs to an unusual fellow. Silas trumps Gerhardt to ask for help. Something is clearly bothering Gerhardt. Silas asks what it is, but Gerhardt is reluctant to talk about it. Jericho also catches up to them, as he's keen to keep up with the goings on with Rinaldo. The sophisticated and intricate security systems on the laptop are either the handiwork of Merlin or were heavily influenced by him. Gerhardt works to break the pattern lock first.

They gain access, revealing a dossier on almost all the Amberites. Of particular interest is the incredibly detailed notes on Caine's schedule. With all this evidence, its entirely possible that he set up the fake Caine. Silas talks to Caine and learns that this Rinaldo is probably a clone. Silas and Jericho trump into Rinaldo's cell and try the trump of him. It doesn't work. Ugh, there's another one out there.

Bree searches for the other trump into Oberon's dreams. She finds it hidden in a hole carved behind the bedpost. It was suspiciously simple to obtain… Aha, there's a tracking spell on it! It looks like her own spell, but someone has piggy-backed on it. Bree undoes the spell. (I missed something.) Bree is in Erewhon but finds that Gerhardt is not there. She trumps him instead.

Silas and Jericho head back to the hotel and share what they've learned with Gerhardt. There may be some connection to Merlin. Since they're done with the place, Silas calls Bill Roth and offers the hotel room for the rest of the week.

Isabelle tries to trump Rinaldo, but gets no response. Hunting with flora and fauna yield no results either. The trio heads to San Diego and finds a gruesome scene in his apartment. The evidence indicates this was a violent crime scene where someone was likely murdered. Silas takes some organic samples to his lab for testing.

Silas trumps Merlin and inquires about Rinaldo. Things don't seem to add up. Merlin doesn't think the guy is suspicious, but he has Ghostwheel analyze the trump. It determines that the style is influenced by Brand, but the person depicted in the trump cannot be found. He could be: on the stairs, dead, or blocking trump. Merlin is quite disappointed in Ghostwheel's performance.

Silas asks Lowen to find Rinaldo. One of the dogs of The Hunt eats their trump of him (oops) and takes off running and howling. Lowen follows along, but shockingly they do not find him. They do find the last place he was known to be. The locals recognize him from a few days ago. He seemed to be packed for some sort of major expedition. He had a wagon and horses and headed south. Later they find the wagon unhitched from horses and all the equipment is gone. Isabelle senses that a trump was used here.

Isabelle goes fractal, becomes a singularity, and sucks Bree in!

Silas, Jericho and Gerhardt meet at the ranch. Silas talks to a face-hugger sapling, but it just does a who's on first routine with him. They ask Merlin for help, but Ghostwheel can't find them either. They get directions to where Isabelle and Bree disappeared and go there. Gerhardt uses eidolon to inspect the area and finds that long ago someone very powerful tried to do some transmogrification and it went terribly wrong to the tune of an atomic explosion, decimating himself and a whole city.

Jericho and Gerhardt pinpoint the spot where Bree and Isabelle disappeared and work to expand it. Suddenly Bree

Out of the singularity comes Isabelle, Bree…. and a 5-6 ton bear with bristly dark fur with a mouth of endless consumption. Lowen launches into an attack, but it doesn't seem phased. Jericho briefly distracts it, but then it slams a paw down on the ground. The world shatters and chasms open in all directions. The chimera from undershadow are instantly dispatched by the bear. The group jumps through Silas' trump (not knowing it was to the The Keep of the Four Worlds). Looking back, Bree and Isabelle see the bear grab the sun and the moon and smash them together. The whole shadow is annihilated.

Bree vaguely recognizes the place. The memories slowly come back… Honeymoon? Jasra…

Jasra welcomes the group in, but she is perplexed as to how they arrived. The cheese and bread are Kashvan(?) (from the Golden Circle). She downplays herself, saying they are simple folk and she'll be glad to reach out if she hears anything from Rinaldo.

Bree spawns… something? to scout around for anything that would remind her about herself. A woman is hiding and watching the proceedings. She seems to be a maid or servant. Bree remembers that Jasra is a good sorceress and doesn't like having servants around. This is probably an apprentice, not a servant.

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Lowen walks the pattern and tries to go to Luke. Contact is lost and no one (not even Isabelle) can reach him.

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Silas goes to Arden? Trying to navigate to something that… find Lowen. Grizzled, angry looking badger walks up to Silas. "Where is Lowen? The Queen demands it!" There is a mission for him. The badger prepares to scratch Silas for his insolence. He takes a drop of blood on a claw and impales a butterfly with it. Then it flutters over to Silas and embeds itself as a tattoo. It will notify Badger as soon as Silas finds Rinaldo.

Bree, Isabelle and Gerhardt continue to research the fiasco. Rinaldo seems to have done something to cover his tracks, and when they tried to trump there, they ricocheted to the place where the bear was.

Days Later

Isabelle is having dreams of the bear. She's pretty certain it's still coming for her. She tells Bree and they decide to consult greater powers for assistance. They'll consult with the Unicorn.

Silas owes Rebma for them allowing him to access their pattern.

Badger warns Jericho that Bear is a very terrible thing that must be stopped. It's coming through shadow. He doesn't know where it's from, but they're trying to stop it. They all embark on a journey to find Lowen, which is hopefully where Silas went.

Bear continues to demolish shadows in a line heading straight for Erewhon. Bree and Isabelle seek out the Unicorn.

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