Fiona showed the group an entry to the stairs near the "death" pattern. Jericho and Isabelle explore the stairway and find that the pattern helps navigate, but it's not perfect. Perhaps the stairs reconfigure themselves from time to time? There may be other methods of navigation that others use. There are worlds upon worlds off the stairs, of the wildest varieties. One thing remains the same — pattern and logrus are only slightly effective. Isabelle recalls that Finnegan was in Amber and received a call from someone in [[Mega City Neo Neo]].

Reminder — when Cassandra was pushing back the boundaries of the Dream Lands, it seemed like she was using the Jewel of Judgment. However, when she came to, she didn't have it. Gerhardt and Elodie plan to take the jewel to the Dream Lands. How to request the jewel?

Silas tries to reach Isabelle and Jericho, but to no avail. He tries trump, the rings, and finally goes to Serpent Isle on a lark. A spore-like creature agrees to help and leads Silas to her.

- S, J, I go to dream merchant for dream recording machine
- Dream vendor wants a mineral from a cave far far away (Shatterlight) OR to get rid of Lucien (in Lady Valla's court)
- They choose the former and take the machine to his ship


Natasha gets a tump call from Elodie. They want to go to the Dream Lands and want her help to get there. Gerhardt goes to sleep and Natasha user her sword to cut a path "through" him into the Dream Land.

J finds tracks ahead and spies on something ahead… it is N, G and E. G is holding the Jewel. He acknowledges them and then continues tracking.

E sees Silas jump off a cliff

J jumps into the blood sea chasing the thing that S brought in.

E goes towards J and warns him of the thing. They talk, he goes deeper.

Elodie lets her dragon form consume her as she dives down into the water to help the fight. The dragon eradicates the threat, then bursts out of the water and vanishes on the horizon. Ends up in Amber Dream Lands. Ellodie and Gearhardt found pulverizing Erik after killing everyone there to get to him.


The Phoenix Empire's naval armada is heading towards Amber.


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