July 18 2015

Just for a Week

Note - this recap is from memory long after the events.

Benedict decides to pay a visit to the Phoenix Empire and specifically requests Silas and Jericho for his retinue. Isabelle and Gerhardt (I think) also come along.

Benedict meets with Finndo and brokers a deal for peace between the Empire and Amber. Part of the terms of this involve loaning the Jewel of Judgement to Finndo for a week. Jericho is unhappy with these terms and even suspects Benedict of being another replicant, but his various subtle tests seem to imply this is the real Benedict.

Eventually the Jewel is loaned, and returned a week later, though what was done with it was not revealed.

Isabelle is taken to view the Phoenix Pattern in the heart of the star, and desires to paint a trump of it. She is asked to only do so from a certain vantage.

Silas contracts for a ship to replace the destroyed Envoy, which he names the Revenge. In exchange for this he returns to the remote outpost he visited earlier and shows the technicians there something of Undershadow.

That's about all I can recall.

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